Could This Afghan Hound Be The Most Pampered Pooch In The World?

Could This Afghan Hound Be The Most Pampered Pooch In The World? March 31, 2023Leave a comment

Ask any dog owner and they’ll tell you that their pup means more to them than life itself. Some people will go ahead and treat them as if they were their own flesh and blood. This means they’ll splurge on them until they’re practically broke. Fortunately, Kevin Chan doesn’t have to worry about his bank account hitting zero. As a marketing director in Beijing, the 29-year-old earns enough moolah to spoil his three-year-old pet, which he named AJ Nirvana Battle. In fact, he’s already spent the equivalent of over 15,000 USD taking care of his pet. Most of it goes to his dog’s amazing fur, and once you see him, you’ll understand why it’s worth every penny.His name is AJ Nirvana Battle and he’s probably the most stylish four-legged pet on the planet. But as beautiful and as majestic as he is, it’s not exactly easy trying to make sure that all that fur looks as fabulous as it does.

He’s spent over 100,000 Chinese yuan, which is roughly over $15,000 in USD to ensure that AJ gets the best grooming treatment possible. Just look at that long mane of his. You’d swear he was wearing a wig, but he’s not.

By looking at the pooch’s hair, you’d swear that all that fur is nothing more than a part of the chair he’s sitting on, but that’s all part of the dog. Cuddling next to this creature must feel amazing. You could fall asleep feeling his gentle fur on your face. Sounds heavenly!

The grooming equipment he bought is what set him back several thousands of dollars. Essentially, he’s the one that takes care of all of his dog’s beauty needs, and judging from how long his hair is, it’s safe to say this dog is high maintenance… literally.

Chan gives AJ a thorough bath every 7 to 10 days because dust, dirt, mud, and ticks would otherwise fester in that thick fur of his. While it might be a lot of work, Chan is more than willing and able to do it.

As far as he’s concerned, AJ is a member of his family, so she doesn’t really mind spending a lot of cash on him. He feels like he’s rewarded with the quality time that he gets to spend with his beloved hairy pet.

A dog with this much hair needs lots and lots of bathing products, but a single bottle of doggy shampoo wouldn’t last very long. This means that Chan has had to spend over $700 USD, which is about 4,000-5,000 CYN on bathing products.

He decided to take photography classes so that he could learn how to take the very best photos of AJ. This would allow him to share his extremely pampered pride and joy with the rest of the world. What a thoughtful dog owner!

Just look at this pooch! We’re getting Vogue vibes on this pic, which shows AJ hanging out by a balcony while his hair gets swept by the wind. You go, boy! You’re looking great! Keep on working it for the camera.

Yes, he could give his money away to charity, but he could have also have wasted his money on other things that are not so healthy, like booze. Some folks would spend their money on a car, or their garden. So, what if he chose to spend it on the pet that he loves?

This Afghan Hound is one lucky pooch, and his hair is so amazing, it almost looks like human hair. Of course, that scarf he has covering his head only takes care of some of his fur. There’s plenty of hair around the rest of his body which helps him look so gorgeous.

Most of you will spend about five minutes at most washing your hair, but Chan has to spend 6 to 8 hours a week to make sure that AJ’s hair continues to wow and impress everyone’s who’s fortunate to lay eyes on him.

Chan only has to worry about the maintenance because his dog’s beautiful fur is a natural characteristic of all Afghan Hounds. Essentially, the pooch was born a model. Chan just follows his instincts and makes sure that his fur coat stays clean and healthy.

But as time went by, Chan has managed to cut down on the amount of time it takes to groom his dog. At this point, he’s practically an expert.

The bond between these two is so strong. Nothing can ever separate them from each other’s love. They even enjoy taking lovely walks together whenever they can, and they particularly like watching the sun set in the horizon.

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