Couple Discovers Buried Box In The Woods That Leaves Her Totally Stunned.

Couple Discovers Buried Box In The Woods That Leaves Her Totally Stunned. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

They were having a blast up until they moment she laid eyes on the letters engraved on that mysterious box. She was astonished at first…but when he brushed off some of the dirt on top, more letters were revealed. When she realized what they’d found, she immediately covered her face and collapsed to the ground.

She wasn’t expecting to make such a discovery, but then again, anyone who’s stumbled upon some fascinating memento from the past wasn’t planning on it either. And yet, there she was. Staring at the letters engraved, wondering if she had been daydreaming. Could this be real?

Ryan Parsons was a Pastor at the New Life Community Church in Bunker Hill, West Virginia. He was excited to share his favorite hobby in the whole world with his girlfriend, Lisa. But never in a million years would Lisa predict that they’d wind up discovering the kind of hidden treasure that changes your entire life. When the metal detector started beeping all over the place, they both stared in disbelief.

People have been hunting for treasures since forever. There are tales of hidden treasures all over the world, and now, people are enjoying the thrill of collecting items as a hobby. It can quite a fun activity to do with your partner, which is why Ryan and Lisa were so eager to find out what their metal detector had found. Was it a false alarm or would their finding change their lives completely?

On a chilly April morning in 2017, the couple headed off to find long forgotten treasures, or so they hoped. Lisa had never been to one of these treasure hunting excursions, but she excited to spend some time with her boyfriend. To say that Ryan was excited is an understatement. He could barely contain his joy. Suddenly, the metal detector started beeping and alerted them to something. He started to rummage through the dirt.

Lisa was excited to be on this excursion with her boyfriend. She loved spending time together, and this was quite a new adventure for her. She was starting to really enjoy his hobby, but she wasn’t expecting to unearth some mysterious object from the past that was worth millions! But as he dug up whatever was hiding underneath, she couldn’t help but feel excited.

Ryan put his gloves on. He needed to find out what was hiding underneath. After all, there was a reason his metal detector was going mad. He carefully removed the damp dirt from the surface and started digging. It was an antique coin from the 1800s. Lisa was euphoric! They’d finally stumbled into something. But would this couple end up finding more than they bargained for?

Ryan was ecstatic. That was the moment he realized his hobby might’ve paid off after all. What if this coin was actually valuable? Heck, even if it wasn’t, Ryan was still thrilled to hold a little piece of American history in his hands. But that wouldn’t be the only treasure he’d end up discovering that day. As it turns out, things were about to get pretty interesting!

Ryan and Lisa kept walking around through the woods. Lisa was now holding onto it, so she decided to try her luck over a pile of decaying leaves. She was swinging the coil back and forth, like a pendulum, when suddenly, she was startled by a beeping sound. This time, they could tell that whatever they’d found was definitely something huge. Lisa let out a squeal. She was so excited! Ryan started digging and asked his girlfriend to record the entire thing.

At this point, Lisa wasn’t just strolling along, hoping to breathe in some fresh air while enjoying a nice day out with her treasure-hunting boyfriend. Ryan wasn’t the only one looking for treasure now. She was in full swing as well, and soon enough, she was winging the metal detector all over, hoping to hear that sound again. And there it was! The couple knew this moment should be treasured forever, (no pun intended) so they started recording everything.

It was clear to Ryan that he had stumbled onto something major. Something was making his metal detector beep and it was buried deep underneath a giant rock. He needed to find out what was hiding underneath, so he started digging deeper. Exhilarated, Ryan said, “Someone buried this under this rock… We gotta document this.” Lisa followed through and kept the camera rolling as Ryan kept on digging. Now they were even more determined to crack the mystery.

Ryan had stumbled upon a few incredible knick-knacks and trinkets here and there, but he had never been this excited before in his life. He had the sunken feeling that they were really close to unearthing something major!

Could this amateur treasure hunter be onto something? He was beside himself already, and he hadn’t even dug out his finding yet. “This could be the find of a lifetime!” said Ryan. Lisa kept recording the moment while Ryan continued to dig up. “Careful, babe,” she warned him. Who knows what was hiding underneath that rock? She started wondering if they were putting their lives at risk. What if there were any landmines buried in those woods? Finally, Ryan struck something solid.

Ryan knew he should proceed with caution. Who knows how long that box had been buried underground? It could hold some mysterious treasure or hide a terrible secret. Worst of all? His life could be in danger if there were any weapons or landmines hidden underneath. Lisa’s concern grew as he started to remove the soil that was covering the box. He had finally stumbled into something. He was dying to know what was in it!

Lisa was completely taken aback. They had previously found a coin from the 1800s. What if they’d discovered something valuable? They could finally start to see the edge of whatever was hiding underneath damp mud and soil. Working very delicately, Ryan lifted a rectangular-shaped object that looked like a wooden box.

Ryan and Lisa couldn’t help but wonder what secret mysteries could’ve been hiding inside the box. Perhaps, someone buried a time capsule and filled it up with mementos, photographs, and letters. Maybe someone had buried a small dead animal. But if that was the case, neither one of them were really looking forward to opening the box! They kept playing a million scenarios in their heads, but they both had the sinking feeling that this was no run-of-the-mill wooden box, and they were right!

Every treasure hunter knows that you can easily destroy an item if you try to forcefully a buildup of dirt or rust. So Ryan proceeded carefully. Once he wiped the mud from the surface, the couple were able to see letters slowly emerge. Ryan started reading them aloud. Lisa couldn’t help but feel a rush of adrenaline. Who could’ve engraved those letters on the box? Soon enough, she’d have an answer and it would leave her speechless.

As Ryan cleared the dirt away from the box, he was finally able to see the letters. In the beginning, Lisa assumed they letters engraved on the box were perhaps a special date, but then she took a second look and realized they were Bible verses. Ryan sprinted back to where he had left his backpack and fetched a bible he always carried with him everywhere.

Ryan kept his Bible with his equipment. Being a man of faith, he felt like keeping it close at all times would help him navigate life. But was his discovery a sign from above or just pure coincidence? Now Ryan and Lisa were determined to figure out what was going on.

Ryan read one of the verses he could clearly read now, “Matthew 13:44”. He continued by saying, “The kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field. When a man found it, he hid it again, and then in his joy went and sold all he had and bought that field.” Lisa was completely mystified by their finding. But in a way, she felt like this was one major coincidence she couldn’t wrap her head around. Ryan went on to read the next passage.

Lisa was completely taken aback. She felt like those passages were describing exactly what they were experiencing. Was the universe trying to tell them something? She had so many questions that she couldn’t do much but stare in awe, and then…Ryan read the next message that left her in tears.

Ryan continued reading, “Proverbs 18:22”. Lisa couldn’t help but stare in awe. . “He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor from the Lord.” “Oh my gosh!” she yelled. Her hands were shaking at this point. Ryan slowly slid the top of the mysterious box and revealed another secret. Lisa was about to be left speechless.

Ryan proceeded to read the names found inside the box. The couple realized that the words written on that box were none other than theirs, Ryan and Lisa. What a crazy turn of events! They’d found a mysterious box hidden underneath a rock, and for some strange reason, it had both their names written on it. Where they being pranked? What was going on?

Ryan proceeded to keep digging into the mystery box and found a tinier one that was wrapped in white silk. He quickly opened it. The excitement was palpable on Ryan. When he cracked it open, Lisa couldn’t help but gasp. It looked like a beautiful heirloom engagement ring. She started asking herself a million questions, but then, Ryan asked a question that sent shivers down her spine. “Lisa, will you marry me?”

Lisa couldn’t help but shake with anticipation. Anxiety was burning hot in her bloodstream. She would’ve never expected any of this to happen, and yet, there she was. Her adoring boyfriend had discovered a mysterious box that was about to change both of their lives.

Lisa was beside herself, and couldn’t stop shaking the entire time. The anticipation was killing her. She was completely taken by the moment. How did her boyfriend manage to plan such an elaborate ruse and surprise her like that? Well, as it turns out, Ryan had gone out earlier that day and buried the antique box underneath that box. He’d had it engraved for the big day a while back, but that wasn’t the icing on the cake. Ryan had Lisa’s grandmother’s heirloom diamond ring resized so it’d fit her like a glove.

Ryan had jumped through hoops to keep the proposal hidden from his girlfriend. He had planned this elaborate ruse all on his own, but he didn’t know if he’d be able to keep it together til the end. Every step of the way, Ryan feared she’d figure it all out, but she was completely taken by surprise. But now, Ryan was shivering inside. All that was missing was her response.

Lisa was very emotional by now, and couldn’t help but gasp. She got a hold of herself momentarily, and screamed, “Yes! Yes” as she run to hug him. Ryan took the camera away from her. There was no way she’d be able to concentrate on what had happened while recording the proposal. Ryan pointed the camera at her and said something so romantic, it left her in tears: “Lisa, you’re the treasure that I found in a field, and I want to give over everything that I have so that I can have you.”

Ryan’s elaborate secret proposal quickly went viral after he posted it online. He had managed to sneak in a few objects and completely trick his future-wife into thinking they were just hunting for treasure. And in a way, they were! The heartwarming video garnered over a million views in no time. But their sudden bout of popularity wouldn’t stop there. Even a year after their video first got uploaded to YouTube, people are still hooked to their story.

“Overnight Lisa and my engagement video has caught the eye of the world,” he said. “Lisa and I have been blown away by this sudden attention, but really blessed to know that our love story is encouraging so many people. ” Ryan’s creative secret proposal puts a spin on traditional marriage proposals. It’s safe to say that the bar is set pretty high now thanks to him!

At one point in the video, Ryan takes back the camera from Lisa, and tells her he’s recording her reaction so she can see it later on in life. Visibly shaking with emotion, he then focuses the camera on Lisa, who’s hysterically laughing and crying, all at the same time. Never in a million years would this couple ever imagine that they wouldn’t be the only ones watching the emotional proposal over and over again.

Comments started pouring in fast, “One of the most beautiful proposals I have ever seen. I hope you have a long and loving life together.” Other commenters felt the video was nothing but the “coolest video ever”. Most didn’t even think the viral video would end up being a proposal.

The video’s been watched over 3 million times since it was originally posted, and people are still praising this man’s uber creative proposal. Many people praised Ryan for holding it together and doing such a fine acting job. One of the commenters even said, “Dude you are the man. No way I could have kept a straight face. Congrats you two. Looks like your on the right path.”

Ryan has gone through leaps and bounds to try to create the perfect moment to surprise his soon-to-be wife. And while some of the best proposals are sweet and simple, Ryan really wanted to create something meaningful for Lisa. And unbeknown to him, his proposal would end up capturing the hearts of millions of folks across the world who weren’t even expecting such a twist at the end!

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how two people decide to celebrate their love together. Whether it’s a simple proposal or an elaborate prank, all that matters is that two people are willing to share their lives together. That being said, Ryan’s proposal was one of the most brilliant ones we’ve seen in a while, (well, right next to those hilarious impromptu flash mob proposals that were all the rage in 2013) We wish these two nothing but a lifetime of happiness and tears of joy!

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