Couple Born On Same Day In Same Hospital About To Marry 26 Years Later.

Couple Born On Same Day In Same Hospital About To Marry 26 Years Later. April 24, 2021

As history has shown, love can be found in the most unexpected places. Some people fall in love with someone they pass on the street, and others find love on a message board on the Internet. Love is a mysterious force, so it’s only right that it takes something unexpected to happen in order to find the love of your life. When this couple met, they had no clue that one day, they would be a major part of each other’s lives.As most newborns do, they went home with their own families and continued on with their lives, never even realizing that the other person existed. That was until Boxing Day in 2010 when they were both out celebrating their 18th birthdays. After being introduced to each other by a mutual friend, Tom immediately became interested in Shauna. Even though he attempted to talk to her on social media, Shauna made it clear that she wasn’t interested. And just to get her point across, she even told Tom to “Leave me alone.”

Shauna said: “From the get-go Tom was so keen. He was adamant we were going to be together and would tell me he loved me. I told him that we were just friends and that we would never end up together, I just wasn’t interested.” Luckily, Tom wasn’t the type of guy to just give up and move on.

Even though they shared an intimate moment, Shauna still needed a few months of convincing. According to Shauna, “one night we were out and I just looked over and saw him and thought, ‘Oh my God, I really like him.’ …he really is one in a million. Now more than ever I feel like it was fate that we met.” Fast-forward eight years and the couple is still together and preparing to get married!

“The story of how we met is definitely weird. I think all the funny coincidences make the relationship that extra bit special, definitely. People we speak to about it love to hear the story,” said Tom. “I think it’s so nice that we were born on the same day in the same place. I love telling people and seeing their reactions,” stated Shauna. Well, congratulations, you guys! Not too many people can say that were with their significant other on the day they were born!