Couple With Down Syndrome Celebrated Their Magical Wedding With Unicorns.

Couple With Down Syndrome Celebrated Their Magical Wedding With Unicorns. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

When a couple agrees to take part in the sacred institution of marriage, they make a pledge to accept each other with all of their qualities and flaws, and to be with them in sickness and in health. This just so happens to be that kind of a story of a lovely couple who decided to get married knowing the hurdles that lay in front of them. The bride and groom both have Down syndrome. Now marriage among people with Down syndrome is rare but not unheard of, and this couple decided to walk this difficult path, all in the name of the love.“It would be wonderful if our story could touch the lives of others struggling to cope with any kind of disability or inequality, the greatest thing is to love and be loved in return,” the couple said.

“We met 8 years ago when we were both students at Central Sussex College and were instantly attracted to each other,” shared Polly. “We wanted to achieve a festival feel for our wedding that our guests would be excited to be going to,” she continued.

The wedding was held at the Brewer Street Farmhouse in Surrey. With the help of family and friends, all the tables were decorated with wild flowers and pastel-hued bunting hung on the sides of the reception hall.

The waiters also played their part in making this wedding memorable while singing to the tunes of “Rat Pack”. Polly was dressed in a white gown, patterned with lilac all over the white veil. She stated, “Our favorite parts of the day were saying I do, exchanging rings and dancing to Labyrinth.” She further added, “We also love that so many people came to celebrate with us.”

The couple then danced to the “Moulin Rouge” song ‘Come What May’ as they exchanged their vintage silver rings. At the conclusion of the wedding, every guest was given homemade jams and chutney for being a part of this special occasion.

When asked to share her advice to young people suffering from Down syndrome, Polly commented, “My advice to other couples, especially to young adults with special needs, is to live the dream, believe in yourselves and that anything can be possible.”

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