The ‘Crouching Swan’ And 23 Other Funny Photography Positions.

The ‘Crouching Swan’ And 23 Other Funny Photography Positions. May 2, 2017

When we see photos that have captured a pivotal moment in history or the beauty of nature and in life, we pay little attention do the photographer. The men and women behind the lens will go to any extreme, it seems, to take that one shot that can take an image from boring run-of-the-mill type stuff to something that is talked about and reference for years. Whether it’s being in the midst of political unrest, a natural disaster or even among wildlife, there is nothing to deter a dedicated shutterbug. In the age of smart phones and devices that allow of high res images, many argue the art form is dying or that the true talent of having the eye for the perfect shot is being left by the wayside. These photos show the dedicated photographers in their element, providing a glimpse of what they are willing to do to share their craft with the rest of the world and show they have their place in the digital age.