Woman Posts Ad For Wedding Date On Craigslist, Quickly Finds Her Soul Mate.

Woman Posts Ad For Wedding Date On Craigslist, Quickly Finds Her Soul Mate. August 7, 2020

You can meet a lot of shady people online, which is why finding a date on Craigslist is so risky. You never know who will answer a want ad. It could be a really nice person, or someone who’s a total creep. But one woman named Jessica Huey decided to take a chance and go on Craigslist because she really didn’t have too many options left. She needed a date for a wedding and time was running out.In 2013, Jessica Huey got a wedding invitation from a dear friend. It was going to be a beautiful fall wedding, but the last thing Huey wanted to do was to attend the wedding as a single gal, not that there’s anything wrong with that.

She always considered herself a competitive person, so she really wanted to win the breakup game by making her ex jealous. So, she took out an ad on Craigslist. But she had listed plenty of requirements for her potential date.

She had no way of knowing if this would work or not, but she had to try. Luckily, there was one guy who really caught Huey’s attention, and he claimed that he would help her make her ex jealous, which was good enough for her.

It’s why she turned to Craigslist after Googling for solutions on finding a date for a wedding, and it paid off. She had asked all potential dates to send a response in 25 words or less and she ended up getting about 40 responses per week. But it was RJ Stieger who caught her attention.

He was willing and able to what she asked, but he didn’t exactly follow the rules when he initially responded to her. He was supposed to include a photo, but he didn’t. But since he referenced the 2004 romantic comedy, “The Wedding Date,” and minored in ballroom dancing, she was hooked.

Huey created what she called a Bachelor Dossier to organize all the guys who followed instructions and those who didn’t. So, she set up an interview with Stieger and two other potentials. But she wasn’t looking for anything serious, and yet she ended up talking to Stieger for hours at a bar.

By the time the wedding day arrived, Huey and Stieger had been dating for months and she realized that she no longer needed to win the breakup game. So, she decided that they would get in and out of the wedding before anyone could start asking questions about how they met.

This left Stieger on his own, but he was under strict orders not to do anything. But since Stieger was a friendly person, he started talking to people. Huey was afraid the wedding guests would learn the truth about how they met. But he came up with a fake story about helping her with a flat tire.

Five years after that wedding, the Craigslist lovebirds continued to live together. They even became cat parents, and are now planning their own wedding. Most people go on Craigslist to find used furniture at a reasonable price. But Huey found herself a soul mate and a husband.