Learn How To Make Stunning Art With Crayons And 4 Everyday Household Objects.

Learn How To Make Stunning Art With Crayons And 4 Everyday Household Objects. March 7, 2017

There is nothing quite as satisfying as a box of brand new, sharply-pointed Crayolas. They smell good, they look good, and they are just *begging* for you to use them to make something a little more colorful – and your eight-year-old self rued the day when one of them would break. And though it might make the slightly-obsessive second grader shriek in terror, sometimes, it’s even better to take that fresh box of crayons and destroy them. In doing so, you can create something insanely beautiful. Design blog **Homesthetics** had created the **DIY Melted Crayon Art Project**, which encourage Crayola-lovers to put their waxy crayons to an interesting new use: melting them together and creating unique artwork. Check out Homesthetic’s step-by-step tutorial below, along with some examples made by DIY devotees around the web!You need a crayons, a white canvas, hot glue gun, glue sticks, and a hair dryer.

Use 12 crayons for a small canvas. Use 24 to 64 crayons for larger canvas. Arrange the colors how you want them. Use the glue gun to fasten them to the canvas.

Using the hair dryer, move over the crayons horizontally and you will notice they will begin to glow a bit. The wax will begin to drip. Make sure that these are even.

Pay attention and do not overdo the dryer time. The contrast between the white canvas and the melted wax is an important part of the composition, so you don’t want the white surface is completely covered.

It should look like this when you are done.

Wait at least an hour for it to dry and then you can you hang your masterpiece.