Crazy RUMORS About Beyoncé That People ACTUALLY Believe.

Crazy RUMORS About Beyoncé That People ACTUALLY Believe. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

With the recent release of Lemonade, Beyonce is on top of the world — not as if she’s ever done anything else but win, though. Queen Bey has been making music (and millions) for decades, and she’s shown absolutely no signs of slowing down. Despite her fame, Bey has remained very private and mysterious — and that’s sparked plenty of conspiracy theories about who she really is. Enjoy some of these over-the-top ideations below. You don’t have to believe it, but it’s definitely fun to think about.Born in Houston, part of Destiny’s Child, went on to marry Jay-Z and have an illustrious solo career — need we say more?

And some rumors are weirder than others.

Yes, you read that right: She’s dead, and has been replaced by an imposter.

In fact, they commit lots of time to proving themselves right.

Here’s Beyoncé in 1998. Does she look any different? Keep in mind, the pic is nearly two decades old.

But to us, it just seems like she dyed her hair and, you know, aged.

But then again, who doesn’t love a good conspiracy theory?

Blue Ivy initially is said to stand for; Born Living Under Evil Illuminati’s Very Youngest.

Note our sarcasm.

Apparently, Blue Ivy spelled backward, or Eulb Yvi, and is Lucifer’s daughter’s name in Latin.

Because, you know, they’re probably not.

Supposedly, Bey does it all the time.

They do it a lot, we’ll admit.

Throw your diamonds in the sky, everyone.

**And then there’s the matter of her somewhat strange behavior, like this clip from a basketball game in Brooklyn. Truthers say that this is actually a Beyonce clone, which is why she looks so out of it. Maybe she’s just deep in thought, writing her next song?**

And she’s just messing with all of those Beyonce truthers out there.

They’ve got better things to do, like earn millions.

Or maybe she’s the one mastermind behind it all?

She’s notoriously private, so one can only imagine.

She is, in fact, Flawless.

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