23 Original Halloween Costumes That’ll Make Your Friends Laugh.

23 Original Halloween Costumes That’ll Make Your Friends Laugh. October 9, 2018

Every Halloween, we ask ourselves the same question: “What should I dress up as this year?” It’s not an easy question to answer. Although there is a wide selection to choose from, it can be difficult coming up with a unique costume. Most ideas have been done and played out by various people. Maybe it’s time to be a little extra creative and clever this year. We’re way ahead of you. Check out some of the most creative costumes we’ve ever seen below to help you spike up some inspiration for your costume this year.Let the puns begin! What better trio costume could you possibly ask for during your baby’s first Halloween?

An upgraded millennial version of the classic ghost costume! Just add a yellow background and you’ve transformed from a ghost to an app.

If you’ve got a great sense of humor, then you’re going to want a funny costume. This one takes the cake from all the ones I’ve ever seen.

Glue a bunch of nickels to the back of a white t-shirt. It doesn’t get much more straightforward than this.

If you’re going to be Harry Potter for Halloween, you gotta go all out with your props. This means taking full advantage of your dog if you’ve got one!

Become a CEREAL killer by creating a skirt out of mini cereal boxes and adding a (fake) knife to the outfit.

Grab 50 paint chips of different shades of grey from Home Depot and place them all over your shirt. Anyone in this generation will know right away what your costume is.

Become infamous portraits but take it to a new level by adding a frame to your costume.

A clever costume to depict whatever location you want. Bonus tip: if you dress like a google map with your significant other, you guys create a heart when you’re standing next to each other.

Doesn’t necessairly have to be CVS. You can be a receipt from Walmart, Costco, Target, or whatever you want. Just be careful with your walking throughout the night. You might have a lot of tripping incidents.

A literal blessing in disguise! Hide some sort of “bless” sticker on your shirt and wear one of those disguise glasses.

Become fully black and white as if you just stepped out of a 1920’s film with the help of makeup! You’ll definitely stand out wherever you are.

Not only do you get to dress up as your favorite character from the Super Mario world but you get to have your own custom kart as well!

If Banksy is one of your favorite artists, what better costume than as one of Banksy’s well known art pieces?

Or if you want to be even more clever with your lego outfit, turn it into a breakfast duo. Recreate the infamous catch phrase, “Lego my ego” by adding someone dressed as an ego to your lego costume.

Get a group of your girlfriends together (the more, the better) to dress up with your as your favorite seasonings! Just use large poster paper as your labels.

No, we’re not talking the religious type. We’re talking Ash Ketchum from Pokemon and Wednesday from the Adams Family put together!

This is probably the most awesome couple costume anyone could ever create. I wonder if they walk robotically as well.

If you’re down to be green from head to toe and stand still for periods of time, you should opt out for an army man toy costume. It’ll make for great photos!

A combination of the legendary philosopher and legendary clay put together. “Courage is knowing what not to fear.” — like dressing up in this clever pun.

Super creative but I can’t help but to wonder if he’s just standing in a very uncomfortable position to get this costume to work. If he is, then kudos to him but he might have to worry about back problems in the future!

Possibly the best nonromantic duo costumes ever. As long as one of you is ok with having paint on your face, then it is definitely worth it to dress up as Bob Ross.

It doesn’t get cooler than this. I wonder how many mirror pieces it took to create this costume.