20 Astoundingly Awful Fix-It Jobs.

20 Astoundingly Awful Fix-It Jobs. June 12, 2021

It goes without saying that there is typically a right way to do things and a wrong way to do things. While most people understand that fixing things the right way saves a lot of frustration in the long run, some people choose to do things a bit differently. Instead of fixing their things the correct way, these 20+ people used some silly hacks to get the job done.Tired of the sun blinding him, this man went to the concession stand and asked for a bit of help. One hot dog carrier later and he’s got his very own handmade visor!

If you have a bunch of spare tires laying around your house, then you could do the same thing. Just add a bit of spray paint to the tire a bit of color and your neighbors will be in awe at how creative you are.

Well, this person used their ingenuity and some ice skates to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Hopefully, their friends don’t really mind or they might not have dinner guests coming around anymore.

While most people purchase a selfie stick to get some of the more difficult shots, some people choose to make their own. Two coat hangers later and this guy’s taking his own selfies with the best of them.

Well, some people choose to fix it the right way, others choose to tape it together and hope for the best. Good luck because that doesn’t look like it’s going to hold up for much longer.

Using a C-clamp and a ruler, this person has achieved that goal. Hopefully, they don’t damage the neck of their guitar too badly, because that looks pretty rough.

Knowing that the neighborhood dog likes to steal people’s packages, this delivery man put the package up as high as possible. UPS – 1, Canine thief – 0.

This man clearly didn’t have access to either because they just shoved their laptop in their pants and started cooking their dinner. Not only is that mildly inconvenient, but it must be incredibly uncomfortable, as well.

Knowing that he had a whole bunch of mopping to do, this soldier grabbed a hoverboard to make the job much easier. Not only is he getting the job done, but he’s having a good time doing it, too.

Although, we’re not entirely sure what he’s using or how he’s managing to move them through the water. All we know is that he’s definitely getting it done.

Instead of risking their little one getting ahold of their phone, they made a little cradle for it. Take that, toddler.

Obviously, you take a picture of an empty sink and photoshop it to your own sink. Don’t worry, kid, they’ll never notice.

When this man was told that they left the stop signs at the office, he found the next best thing. It might not be a stop sign, but it sure does work like one.

Tired of their computer overheating and shutting down, this innovative person used two forks to prop it up. Why spend money on a new computer when all you need is some silverware to get the job done?

This isn’t necessarily a traveling solar panel, but by putting it on his head, this fella definitely got the job done. Now, the next question: what happens if he needs to move?

If you’re too embarrassed to ask your partner to shave your back for you, then just grab a back scratcher, some tape, and a razor and get it done yourself. Just be careful, it’s probably really easy to cut yourself this way.

Luckily, most buses come with outlets so you can make sure your phone is charged at all times. Unfortunately, this man couldn’t find a decent spot to charge his phone, so he used his hat instead.

Not wanting to be peeked at while they were using the toilet, this person lined the crack of the door with toilet paper. Feels good to use the bathroom in private, doesn’t it?

This summer, he put all of his valuables in his kid’s diaper. Take that, thieves. Won’t be looking in there for stuff to steal, will you?

Needing to set the modem up in the closet, this person created a shelf using coat hangers. Hey, it might not be the best work, but they sure did save a bunch of money.

Next time you want some toast, but you have no way of making it, just take this person’s advice. Grab a strainer, put it on the stove, and toast your bread to heart’s content.

While we don’t encourage actually giving your child soda, you can make them THINK that they’re getting it. Just put the straw in the medicine bottle and hold it beside a soda can and your child will think that you’re letting them have a taste of that sugary goodness.

When this person’s touchscreen stopped working they used a USB to Bluetooth a mouse to their phone. It might not be the most convenient way to use your phone, but at least it works.