People Who Turned Everyday Problems Into Works Of Art.


Turn a cracked wall into a camels' journey through the desert.

When an item becomes broken, most people's first instinct is to throw the item away. This conclusion shouldn't be reached so quickly! Just because it's broken, that doesn't mean it's not fixable. Just because it appears unfixable, doesn't mean that it is. All you need is to look at it with a new set of eyes, from a more creative perspective. Take the people below, for example. They have all fixed and repaired their broken items in the most creative of ways. From threading together shattered cases to turning a damaged car into a masterpiece, these people have taken "think outside of the box" to another level.The cracked wall turned into a piece of art.


Fix a torn couch by sewing lace over it.

It adds a nice touch to your couch and it looks like it was done on purpose.

Fix a broken mug handle with polymer clay.

You can create any design that you want!

Fix a broken door by placing an image of a celebrity there.

Some people may even mistaken it for a real person from afar.


Custom repair a pair of ripped up Toms or any flats by gluing a piece of fabric over it.

You'll get people asking you where you bought your shoes.


Use lego pieces to fix and fill in the holes of broken walls.

They do the trick and they'll instantly put a smile on a passerby's face.


"Fix" a broken wood furniture chair with translucent materials.

This artist's concept is pure genius.

Tatianae Freitas

Repair broken vases by sewing the broken pieces back together with gold thread.

It may sound odd, but the outcome looks gorgeous.

hanging by a thread embroidery

Fix the hole in your bumper by transforming it into an astronaut and Disney mini world.

Who says you need to spend all that money at the body shop?

Repair broken flower pots by transforming them into DIY fairy gardens.

No need to throw out these pots!


Fix a cracked mirror by putting decorative tiles over the crack.

Keep in mind, this will only work if the crack is taking up only a small portion of the mirror.

positively amy

Use a lego man to hold up a graphics card.

This is honestly... not the worst way to hold up a graphics card.


Fix walls with creativity!

Like this Russian urban interventionist, Andrey Syaylev, who fixed library walls with old books.

Andrey Syaylev

Fix ruined/dirty high heels by covering it in glitter.

You've got yourself a brand new pair of shoes!


When Chicago doesn't fix its potholes, take it into your own hands.

Like this artist who fixed them with ice cream mosaics.

Jim Bachor

Repair chipped and pitted sidewalks with intricate patterns in multiple forms.

It's the subtle details that look the best.

When a kid decides to get creative on the walls, use your skills as a parent to be even more creative.

She definitely showed him.


When your boyfriend falls down your stairs on Thanksgiving Day, frame the moment instead of fixing the hole.

It's way more decorative!


Improvise when you get into a car accident and don't have the money to fix the damages.

This man fixed his problem in the most creative way.

Cover up the pesky moth holes in your clothes with cute patches.

Put a bird on it!

Use recycled DVDs and CDs to repair a broken birdbath. Use recycled DVDs and CDs to repair a broken birdbath.

The end result is beautiful!


Fix the cracks in the wall with crystallized geode installations.

It's not something you see everyday, but it's something you look at in awe when you do.

Paige Smith

When your wall gets busted from water damage, fill it with teenage mutant ninja turtles.

They're coming out of the sewer and pipelines, get it?


Fix the hole in your jeans with a DIY monster mouth patch.

That is, if you don't want the ripped denim look.

off beat home