People Who Turned Everyday Problems Into Works Of Art.

People Who Turned Everyday Problems Into Works Of Art. December 13, 2018

When an item becomes broken, most people’s first instinct is to throw the item away. This conclusion shouldn’t be reached so quickly! Just because it’s broken, that doesn’t mean it’s not fixable. Just because it appears unfixable, doesn’t mean that it is. All you need is to look at it with a new set of eyes, from a more creative perspective. Take the people below, for example. They have all fixed and repaired their broken items in the most creative of ways. From threading together shattered cases to turning a damaged car into a masterpiece, these people have taken “think outside of the box” to another level.The cracked wall turned into a piece of art.

It adds a nice touch to your couch and it looks like it was done on purpose.

You can create any design that you want!

Some people may even mistaken it for a real person from afar.

You’ll get people asking you where you bought your shoes.

They do the trick and they’ll instantly put a smile on a passerby’s face.

This artist’s concept is pure genius.

It may sound odd, but the outcome looks gorgeous.

Who says you need to spend all that money at the body shop?

No need to throw out these pots!

Keep in mind, this will only work if the crack is taking up only a small portion of the mirror.

This is honestly… not the worst way to hold up a graphics card.

Like this Russian urban interventionist, Andrey Syaylev, who fixed library walls with old books.

You’ve got yourself a brand new pair of shoes!

Like this artist who fixed them with ice cream mosaics.

It’s the subtle details that look the best.

She definitely showed him.

It’s way more decorative!

This man fixed his problem in the most creative way.

Put a bird on it!

The end result is beautiful!

It’s not something you see everyday, but it’s something you look at in awe when you do.

They’re coming out of the sewer and pipelines, get it?

That is, if you don’t want the ripped denim look.