Creative Photographers Who Raised The Bar On Family Portraits.

Creative Photographers Who Raised The Bar On Family Portraits. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Remember those portraits held by the cast of “Modern Family” during the opening credits? With each frame, we get an insight into their massively extended family. Well it’s actually quite symbolic of the bonds that unite us all to our lineage. But there’s a big difference between an average family photo and family portraits that are simply amazing like the ones you’re about to see. These touching images will warm your heart with love and so much happiness, that you’ll rush right on over to the nearest family member and give them a hug, or you’ll reach for the phone and plan the next family reunion stat!Who needs a family tree when you have an amazing image like this one? It looks like this family tree won’t be withering away anytime soon.

This little girl has her great-grandmother, grandmother, and mother to look up to for guidance as she grows up and that’s a gift that’s simply priceless.

Women from several generations of this family all unite to celebrate the birth of the latest addition. It’s an image that truly touches the soul.

But what you’re looking at is the wonderful continuation of the family line of the man holding the portrait. Now that’s something to look at and feel a sense of pride and accomplishment in.

Take this portrait for example. It’s unbelievable and very sweet as you watch generations of dads feeding their “babies”.

There’s three generations here proving that a true man is the one that isn’t afraid of showing their child some affection.

These ladies, from daughter, to mother, to grandmother, and great grandmother don’t simply reflect the passing of time, but the legacy each generation has left behind.

The 28-year-old man holding his 6 month old baby has the ladies behind him, who are ages 60, 72, and 93 for the wonderful life he has now.

Just look at the way they’re holding their hands behind their backs. It’s epic!

For one thing, they all like reading. The only thing that’s changed is the fact that the oldest is reading an actual printed book, while the other is looking at a tablet, and the third is listening to music while possibly reading an e-book. Oh and they also like crossing their legs the same way and wearing pink shirts too.

If anything, it shows the unending and unbreakable circle of unity that a loving family provides.

So whenever you feel alone and don’t know what to do, you only need to look at a portrait like this one and you’ll instantly feel empowered.

And it spans an 80-year-gap in the most incredible way possible.

Here are four generations of women ranging from 20 to 48, 85, and even 103 on the far right!

Here you see a grandfather who was a former chief, the father, who is the current chief, and the son who is bound to follow in his predecessor’s footsteps.

There’s warmth, hugs, kisses, heartbreak, friendship, and love in every one of their faces.

The power of love and laughter is just as powerful in this portrait of three generations of women.

Here are four generations of men and a little baby who are proving that redheads are going to be around on the planet for at least a few more generations.

It takes looking at a portrait like this one to realize that each and every one of us are a living legacy of the previous generation.

The British Monarchy has continued to thrive despite illnesses and unexpected tragedies and it looks like it will continue to grow through the generations.

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