Creepy Brother Filmed His Sister’s Fidget Spinner Tricks.

Creepy Brother Filmed His Sister’s Fidget Spinner Tricks. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

Fidget spinners are the newest toy fad of 2017. Originally created to help those with anxiety relax, the toy has become the “must-have” item of the year. Essentially, all you do with a fidget spinner is spin it in your hands. People have started filming themselves, however, doing more challenging tricks with the spinner like spinning the toy on one finger or on the nose. One particular fidget spinner video attracted a lot of attention. But it wasn’t for the actual skills that were being demonstrated but more so because of the person demonstrating them.And it looks like it’s on the way to becoming this year’s leading toy fad.

So what do you do with it? You’re supposed to squeeze the core while simultaneously flicking the blades so that they’ll spin. And that’s pretty much it.

Advocates of the spinners claim that flicking the toys can ultimately help fidgety children stay calm or remain focused in a classroom.

Many of the toy’s critics say there’s no science to back up such claims to help the children remain calm and accuse the toys of just being a nuisance in a school environment.

Meanwhile, the toy has also started a trend of online videos of people doing challenging tosses, twirling and transferring of the spinners.

In a video he recorded of her, she proved her little brother wrong with her fidget spinning skills.

You would think he’d record her spinning the fidget spinner and be done with it, right? Well, there’s a little more to it than that.

He filmed the entire video from a rather inappropriate angle that was very up close and personal.

But it must have been awkward receiving comments like “let me smash your sister” and “bro, hook it up.” And those are just the tamed comments!

And as if the first one wasn’t creepy enough, these two new videos contain even more revealing footage of his sister!

Despite the fact that she was in nothing but a bikini, her fidget spinning tricks were actually quite impressive.

The video first starts off with a close-up of her face and then pans out to her body and zooms back in to the spinner on her heel.

Now, if you’ve never played with a fidget spinner before, all of these tricks probably seem trivial to you.

Who knows, maybe this creepy brother has just jumpstarted his sister’s career at going pro with this toy.

After all, the very first video that came out of her spinning the fidget spinner on her nose got over 1.5 million views.

Yeah, well spinning the fidget spinner on your nose has become this generation’s version of that.

One small independent study has found 20% of the fidget spinners they tested to contain dangerous levels of mercury and lead!

The truth is one independent researcher tested 11 fidget spinners. Out of those 11, he found that two of them had super high levels of lead and some mercury.

Using an X-ray fluorescence spectrometer, the independent researcher found 42,800 ppm of lead in a $31 spinner from Yomaxer!

“Shop at a reputable retailer that you know and trust. Those retailers will be selling products that have been tested and comply with strict U.S. safety standards. When a craze like the fidget spinners hits, you may be tempted to buy one for your child wherever you can find one (like at a pop-up vendor on the street or from an unknown online seller), but the safety of products sold outside a reputable retailer cannot be guaranteed,” said the release.

**Here’s the video of the fidget spinner on her shoulder.**

**->Here’s the video of the fidget spinner on her foot.<-**

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