25 Creepy Kid’s Drawings That Are Seriously Disturbing.

25 Creepy Kid’s Drawings That Are Seriously Disturbing. October 24, 2018

Kids come off so pure and innocent but sometimes that’s not the case. Our imagination runs the most wild when we’re young. Give a kid a piece of paper and some crayons and you’ll never know what the outcome will be. You’re lucky if all you see is a drawing of a rainbow and/or stick figures with happy faces. Unfortunately, other times you might see something more on the disturbing side like a greeting card of someone getting cut up at night. Like we said, kid’s drawings can be unpredictable. Check out some of the creepiest drawings below.And apparently this 10-year-old isn’t amused with certain people.

I wonder if he came up with that metaphor all on his own.

A great perspective of the future.

Sorry Valerie, but it looks like you need to watch your back.

Yeah, no big deal or anything.

You’re in denial if you’re not.

Someone order an exorcist asap!

She had one fight with her dad and she left him this.

Unfortunately, it appears your son doesn’t really like you mom.

Nothing out of the ordinary here.

This isn’t the slightest bit creepy at all.

Alright, someone go protect Timy right away!!!!

I wonder if this kid watches a lot of movies.

However, the friend looks a bit alarming.

This is definitely something that should be addressed?

That’s one scary monster…

It’s probably not good that this kid knows what it is.

I think it’s time to hire a psychologist.

Maybe she should take a break from visiting mom.

Don’t know if this is a birthday card or plans for an Imperial Ambush.

I hope this is just a figment of their imagination.

This could be a problem.

Not things a 10-year-old should see.

That’s all there is to it, right??

That little munchkin’s got their eyes on you.