Cries Heard From Walls Lead To The Rescue Of Tiny Kittens.

Cries Heard From Walls Lead To The Rescue Of Tiny Kittens. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

She strained to listen. Then she found where all the crying was coming from. Determined to figure out what was causing it, she grabbed a hammer, went to the living room, and started making a hole in the wall. But it didn’t take long for her to find the source, and when she did, she was stunned.

When this mom came home, all she heard were faint cries. But they didn’t belong to her kids. So, she started looking and listening. At first, she couldn’t pinpoint the sound. Then she figured she was imagining it, which was possible. She had a tough day at work. So, she decided to get dinner ready in the kitchen. Then, she heard the cries yet again.

She was sure the noises were real and not in her head. But as a mom, she also knew what crying sounded like, and these cries were different from a child’s cries. The pitch was high and came in short intervals. She started looking around the house to see where the noise originated from. But she had no way of knowing the source of the crying was closer than she thought.

The cries grew louder, which prompted her to search faster. She figured that whatever was doing the crying was either injured or in danger. So, she examined the rooms adjacent to the kitchen, but she didn’t hear anything. In fact, the crying had stopped. This worried her. Had something happened to the mysterious weeping thing? She listened quietly. Then she heard it again and knew where it came from.

The mom was standing by the wall in her living room. The TV hung on the left side of where the cries came from. To herself, she thought, “I need to do something.” But first, she had to be certain where the cries were coming from. Otherwise, she would make a huge mistake. So, she asked her children if they heard the crying from behind the wall. They had no idea this was the beginning of a rescue attempt.

Her children did as their mom asked and tried to listen for the cries. But all they heard was pure silence. Her kids craned their necks and gave their mom a funny look. They hadn’t heard anything. The mom was baffled. She racked her brain to figure out what was going on. But even as she did, the crying did not return. Did she imagine the noise?

As the children started to head back to their rooms, the crying started again. “There! Did you hear it?” the mom asked with excitement. The kids looked at one another and nodded. Then they ran back to the wall where their mom had initially heard the noise. There was something there and it was trapped. They could hear it, but what was doing the crying?

The mom told one of her kids to grab a hammer. She intended to liberate whatever was trapped on the other side of the wall. But first, she had to find the weakest point on the wall. She did this by knocking on it. The lighter knocks determined where she was going to strike with the hammer. The source of the crying was on the other side.

She told everyone to stand aside. Then, she hammered through the drywall until she made a hole big enough for her arm to fit through. The cries were louder now. There was no time to waste. She set the hammer down and stuck her hands in the hole on the wall. She was practically elbow deep as she felt her way through the tunnel. Then, she felt something that left her speechless.

There was drywall everywhere, but then her hands touched something that felt totally different. She grabbed it and gently pulled it out of the wall. Then she studied it, but all she saw was dirt and drywall. Then the cries became clearer, and she realized she was getting close. She continued digging, and clearing the way. She had no idea that she was about to grab hold of the source of the cries.

The mom felt around and eventually touched something fuzzy and small. At first, she thought it was a piece of insulation from the wall. Then, she pulled it out and realized it was alive. She was stunned as she looked at the tiny white kitten she had just rescued. It also dawned on her that this furry feline wasn’t alone, and she had to save the others.

The mom dove back into the hole as soon as she put the white kitten on the floor. She had to pile more dirt on the living room floor to create a safe passage for the other kitties. Then, she felt something roaming in the wall and grabbed onto it. “Here comes another one,” she announced as she removed her hands from the wall and took out a gray kitten.

She put the gray kitten on the ground and shouted, ““Bub! I need that basket.” Then she shouted, “Aunt Dotty! Come help me.” But she couldn’t wait. The mom knelt down and continued ripping through the hole on the wall. She intended to rescue all of the kitties. But how many were there?

She continued searching for more kitties. After exploring the hole, she managed to find a third kitten. As she pulled it out, she realized this one was black and white. She was surprised that these kittens had been living in her wall. But more importantly, she wasn’t sure how many more she would find. So, as she placed the third kitten down, she stuck her arms inside the hole to look for more.

“Oh, you’re scrawny,” said Aunt Dotty. “Oh! So lightweight,” she added. While the mom searched for another kitten, she called out, “Here, come here. Come on kitty, kitty, kitty.” Then, the cameraman who was documenting the entire process decided to help the mom out, and that’s when the video got cut off. Fortunately, all the kitties are safe. But how did they get there? Well, most mother cats look for a dry place to give birth. And it’s safe to say she chose the best wall to bring her kitties into the world!

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