British Model Was Kidnapped And Later Released By Members Of Black Death Group.

British Model Was Kidnapped And Later Released By Members Of Black Death Group. August 6, 2019

Being kidnapped is an unbelievably serious fear that lives in the minds of many people, especially women. Even worse, being kidnapped to be sold to men on the dark web for their sick pleasures. A model, whose name is being withheld for her protection, recently faced this horrible fate. She was lured to Milan, drugged, and held captive for six days before she was released. At her release she was given a letter describing why she was being let go. Lucky for her, she did not suffer the outcome that most women in this situation would have met.Known as Black Death, this gang offers services that include assassinations, bombings, arms dealing, and trafficking. A model was recently released from their clutches, and given a note describing her release.

The note stated in detail that her kidnapping was a mistake, due to her being a young mother, and the fact that a high-ranking member insisted upon her release. The note further went on to instruct her to never speak badly about them, a release payment in the amount of $50,000, and that the kidnapping wasn’t “personal, it was business.”

When the model arrived in Milan on July 11, she never thought the photo shoot would turn into a nightmare. She was met by a dangerous man, who wanted nothing, but to harm her.

She was stuffed into a suitcase and put into a car. The model was then driven to the remote mountain village of Lemie.

After the six days, her captor brought her back to Milan. She was given a note, and instructions upon her release.

Lukasz Herba was arrested by Italian police when returning the model to Milan. Incriminating evidence was found in his possession, linking him to Black Death.

Lemie is known as a “ghost town” to the locals, and mostly consists of holiday homes. The landlord was informed by Herba that he was a painter just looking for some inspiration.

In the home, they found dirty clothes belonging to the model and Lukasz, as well. Strands of the model’s hair were found in the trunk of Lukasz’ car.

The police were told by Herba that the Black Death was behind the kidnapping. In Lukasz possessions, leaflets describing their heinous “services” were found.

While being held captive, Herba was online putting the model up for sale. According to police, he had tried to sell her for £270,000.

It is under speculation that the Black Death may just be a horrible bitcoin scam, and not actually what they are posing to be. Writer, Arthur Cox, tried to infiltrate them on the dark web for more information.

Through e-mail, Cox expressed interest in a particular girl he found on their site. They became suspicious, so he claimed to be middle-man for another business.

They began to reject his e-mails, and eventually disabled the link Cox was accessing. Cox then reported his findings, pictures and e-mails, to Europool.

They realized that the photos on the site were fake! They had been a part of an adult film, and that were not girls that were being sold.

He’s being charged with holding the model for six days in a makeshift dungeon. The model was chained for the entire six days while he was trying to seal her fate.

The leaflet explains how to specify the type of girl buyers would like. It also goes into detail about global kidnapping and how it’s more expensive.

Police went to Herba’s home in Oldbury, Birmingham to search his home. Neighbors reported seeing police kick down his door very late at night.

He was usually only seeing coming and going in his red Toyota. He was known to always be seen wearing suits, and never having anyone with him.

They knew Herba to live alone, except for the company of his pet rat, which he carried around on his shoulder. Herba didn’t speak to anyone, and didn’t appear to be a friendly person.

The model has returned home, and is keeping her identity quiet. Hopefully, this is the end of her nightmare!