These 25 Photos Of Babies Cuddling Puppies Is Why The Internet Exists.

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We call this triple spooning!

Dogs are a man's best friend. They really are. They keep you company when you're lonely, they always have your back, and they'll never stop loving you. Even when you do have human best friends or a significant other, none of those relationships compare to the one you share with a dog. With that said, a lot of families like to start these relationships early on. Meaning parents like to have a family dog for their kids to grow up with. Some parents even bring a brand new puppy into their home the same time as their newborn baby. Regardless of whether the dog is a pup or an adult, the relationship the baby or kid starts to build with it is priceless. What's even more priceless: photos of them cuddling! We have a few for you to look at below. Be careful though, all photos have a high chance of melting your hearts.Or a spooning train, whichever floats your boat.

And in that moment, time stops.

They're tucked into the same blanket and everything!
Ivette Ivens

Just sleeping together near the fireplace.

Could this be any sweeter?
Elena Shumilova

Sleeping sweethearts.

It makes my heart melt every time.

Just napping in the dog's bed, no big deal.

Cuteness overload over here.

Big guys have a soft spot too.

And this big guy's soft spot is the baby.
Jen Hendricks

It's just so hard for them to keep their eyes open.

They probably fell asleep while watching tv.
Rachel Bostwick

This boy is definitely already attached to his little lab.

Looks like they'll be growing up together.

When the dog treats the baby as his own pup.

This photo is so adorable in so many ways.

I think it's safe to say this girl is pretty well protected.

It doesn't look like anyone will be messing with her ever.
Carol Vinzant

When the baby is fully enclosed in the dog's arms.

This is what doggy and baby parents dream of.

Didn't know they make baby seats compatible for both a baby and dog!

It looks like the pup fits perfectly in there with the baby.

When the dog meets the baby for the very first time.

The beginning of a beautiful relationship.

True love is when you sleep on the ground alongside your best friend.

This is genuine love.

Living the life.

Yup, this boy's protected fort he rest of his life.

When you all sleep in unison.

Or at least it looks like the dog is trying.

Just a dog keeping his best buddy company during a nap.

And it looks like the baby is very pleased with the company.

It looks like his headlock put them both to sleep.

They're knocked out and so cute while they are.

When the baby turns his back against you, you have to find a new spooning mate.

In this situation, the cat was recruited.

Just a regular day for these two couch potatoes.

I wonder what they did to make them so exhausted.
Bradley Huchteman

It looks like this little girl is already in love with her pug.

Just look at the way she gazes at him.
Liz Randall

This little bull thinks the baby is its pillow.

But it doesn't look like the baby minds.

So much cuteness in just one crib!

The pup's arms are even hugging the baby!

"This is my baby, not yours."

"Get your facts straight, pal."

And here, we've got the ultimate napping duo.

Only real friends let you fall asleep on their arm.
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