A Heavenly Cat Sanctuary Exists, And The 500 Kittens Would LOVE You To Visit.

A Heavenly Cat Sanctuary Exists, And The 500 Kittens Would LOVE You To Visit. October 25, 2018

Ooh heaven is a place on Earth… well as far as cats are concerned it is and it has a name. It’s called the Lanai Cat Sanctuary and it’s located in Hawaii, which as of now, is no longer just a paradise for humans. The sanctuary can be found in the tiny island of Lanai and is home to nearly 500 cats who can get shelter, protection and food from the caretakers here. But it’s also a cat petting zoo of sorts and you can join the countless number of visitors who have jumped at the opportunity to spend a little time with these adorable felines.Executive director Keoni Vaughn and sanctuary manager, Mike, aka the chief cat herder, came up with the idea of the sanctuary back in 2004.

Before long, a 25,000 square foot area had been radically transformed into a place that stray cats could finally call home.

That might even include climbing on top of some of the guests that come to pay them visit.

The island of Lanai isn’t very big and lacks the resources these cats need that are often found in the mainland. Fortunately, the sanctuary has everything that they need to survive.

These little kitties have free reign and can go off and explore the sanctuary or just pile on top of each other for some good old fashioned cuddle time.

People from different parts of the world came to visit these furballs from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. all week long, including Saturdays and Sundays.

They actually love the attention they get from visitors.

Of course if any of the visitors wish to adopt or foster a cat, the option is available. And the cat that remains ownerless is more than welcome to hang out rent free with its hundreds of other roomies.

Who can resist or even dare to say no to these cats when they climb up on your lap and purr with happiness?

The felines will swarm towards you and overwhelm you with their love, which is why they’re so popular.

There’s no shortage of places that a cat will find to get cozy in, whether that means sitting on the grass or sitting on one of your legs, your stomach or chest.

They certainly won’t get bored perching on the various crates, shelves and chairs. It’s like the ultimate obstacle course, complete with challenges to meet any cat’s needs.

This little one is living the life with a Hawaiian lei around its neck. The only thing that’s missing is a Pina Colada.

These cats absolutely adore the attention they get from children.

They’re just too darn adorable and you’ll feel like taking them all.

You almost want to consider moving in with them. There’s plenty of food and you can sleep in the open air.

So even those of you who suffer from allergies to cat dander will find it pleasant to walk around in the open-aired facility.

So what are you waiting for. Plan your next vacation in Hawaii. The Lanai island is super easy to get to. So start saving up money and the Benadryl.