This Miniature Donkey Simply Could NOT Be Any Cuter.

This Miniature Donkey Simply Could NOT Be Any Cuter. November 13, 2017

According to Carolyn Christian of Quarter Moon Ranch, miniature donkeys are “affectionate, extremely comical and a joy to own.” Some other miniature donkey facts you may not have known: – Average life span: 25-35 years though some have been known to live longer – Mature height: 36″ and under – Mature weight: 225-350 pounds – Males are called “jacks” while females are “jennets” or “jennies” – Possible coat colors include gray, brown, black, red, spotted and a rare frosted spotted white – Most standard and miniature donkeys are born with a cross on their backs – Some miniatures are registered as therapy donkeys **There is a farm in southeastern France that specializes in breeding miniature donkeys. You can see just how adorable and affectionate these animals are in their video of baby Sébastien. Doesn’t he look like he’s in love?**

Encore Echalote bébé pour Sébastien Posted by Bel’âne on Sunday, November 8, 2015