Scientists Are Posting Photos Of Cute Animals On Twitter, And It’s Breaking The Internet.

Scientists Are Posting Photos Of Cute Animals On Twitter, And It’s Breaking The Internet. September 3, 2017

The Internet has left no stone unturned when it comes to finding and celebrating cute animals. We’ve seen cute dogs, cute cats, cute baby elephants, and even a whole crew of cute capybaras. That being said, these photos might be the cutest ones yet. Below is a compilation of adorable animal images submitted by scientists, ranging from the run-of-the-mill precious to unusually adorable. Think of it as a cute-off, with each animal competing against the next for the ultimate throne of cute-dom. The salmon babies just might take the crown.

Blue marlins are pretty cute when they’re little! #cuteoff Img credit: http://t.co/l80EaesWHo pic.twitter.com/QDNP4NAjF0 — Milton Tan (@mt_ur_mind) September 1, 2015

You think that is cute? #CuteOff (from http://t.co/c3CCVCMOsP) #beeflies pic.twitter.com/kU0STCFki0 — Erica McAlister (@flygirlNHM) September 1, 2015

I’ve got your #SQUEE right here, #CuteOff : slumbering squirrel monkeys cuddling. *mic drop* #TeamMammal pic.twitter.com/mXceGAgasy — christopher schmitt (@fuzzyatelin) September 1, 2015

@Neen_sb This should make it an even better day. #CuteOff really can’t compete with tarsiers ? pic.twitter.com/Ery2qqsgv0 — John White Wildlife (@JWhiteWildlife) September 1, 2015

This #CuteOff needs moar inverts: The #SQUEEE is strong in this freshly-hatched little #cuttlefish, Sepiola atlantica pic.twitter.com/gA3QwC1hVW — Carina M. Gsottbauer (@CarinaDSLR) August 31, 2015

Lowland streaked tenrec: “Think I’m bluffing? Try me. Just try me!” #CuteOff pic.twitter.com/eNhGs4Z4t9 — Asia Murphy (@am_anatiala) September 1, 2015

I interrupt your important grant writing session to win the #CuteOff. #TeamHerpetology pic.twitter.com/oonXLDEjC8 — Katy Greenwald (@amphibs) September 1, 2015

So it’s a #CuteOff, then? Just try to top Africa’s “Teddy Bear Ant”. #TeamEntomology pic.twitter.com/NDkFPYycb9 — Alex Wild (@Myrmecos) August 31, 2015

Whaaat?! A #CuteOff ?! Bombards twittersphere with orphan #chimp baby Toto pics pic.twitter.com/oBbi6DwDxq — Jill Pruetz (@jillpruetz) September 1, 2015

Cheetah cub for #TeamMammal #cuteoff pic.twitter.com/E4k4W08QfV — Anne Hilborn (@AnneWHilborn) September 1, 2015

Juvenile coast horned lizard found on McGinty Mountain. Photo by John Martin #USFWS #CuteOff pic.twitter.com/mN0G3dLOrH — US Fish and Wildlife (@USFWS) September 2, 2015

I gotta contribute a nudibranch that looks like a fluffy bunny (Jorunna parva) to the #CuteOff. Go fluffy bunny slug! pic.twitter.com/7DO9h8CL85 — Milana Featherbottom (@sidetracht) September 1, 2015

Baby lake sturgeon! #CuteOff Photo by Joanna Gilkeson, #USFWS http://t.co/IUOdrIkGL1 pic.twitter.com/CX86JttQel — US Fish and Wildlife (@USFWS) September 3, 2015

It’s a #CuteOff folks! Look at these #ChesapeakeBay cownose rays! Can we get a SQUEE up in here?! pic.twitter.com/QJONfW63F7 — SmithsonianEnv (@SmithsonianEnv) September 1, 2015

salmon babies snuggling #cuteoff #teamfish pic.twitter.com/HKTQOdcf6d — Natalie Sopinka (@phishdoc) September 1, 2015

Took this a few years back at a @BushHeritageAus reserve in the Simpson Desert. Little thorny devil. #wildoz #cuteoff pic.twitter.com/7vecTHiDVZ — John Pickrell (@john_pickrell) September 1, 2015

No, you’re NOT too small to enter the #CuteOff! #frog pic.twitter.com/5U3ctHOwjg — Jonathan Kolby (@MyFrogCroaked) August 31, 2015

Pick your fave: fox-eared fanaloka or Mickey Mouse-eared small Indian civet. #CuteOff pic.twitter.com/5vgheeveCH — Asia Murphy (@am_anatiala) September 1, 2015

OK #teammammal here is what I got for #cuteoff from remote camera photo from @whapavt – mamma carrying baby tamadua pic.twitter.com/k1z4fijKyd — Marcella J. Kelly (@marcellajkelly) September 1, 2015

It’s hard to beat small fluffed up birds in a #cuteoff pic.twitter.com/616tgmyKBs — Aus Bird Study Assoc (@ABSAbirds) September 1, 2015