Wife Lets Man Groom The Cat… Never Again.

Wife Lets Man Groom The Cat… Never Again. June 20, 2021

Trusting your spouse is one of the main things that holds a relationship together. If there isn’t trust in a relationship, then what are you doing? While you may be able to trust your significant other with your life or staying loyal, it can be hard to trust them to do other things. For example, you may trust the fact that your husband is going to pay the bills on time, but he also might hide the receipt for the brand new golf club that he bought. Speaking from experience, it’s also important not to trust your other half to bring your favorite fur baby to the groomers. Keep reading to find out exactly what happened when one lady trusted her husband to take her cat to the groomers.Apparently, Caitlin’s mother made the mistake of letting her husband take Oliver to the groomer.

Caitlin’s mom was not at all amused. According to Catlin’s tweets, her mother was expecting Oliver to come back basically with the same look as when he went in but instead, he looks like a feline slinky!

Her father told the groomer “I want stripes like a tiger. Do what you can.”

Oliver even has his own Instagram account so that his new fans can keep an eye on him as his funky slinky cut grows out.

So this is the first and only time Oliver will have this extra special hairstyle. Oliver doesn’t seem to be very happy with it either.

Don’t worry Oliver, it will grow out!