Dad Jokes That Were So Embarrassingly Awful They Were Actually Brilliant.

Dad Jokes That Were So Embarrassingly Awful They Were Actually Brilliant. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Everyone’s experienced dad jokes in their life. Whether it’s from your own dad or your friend’s dad or your significant other’s dad — these dad jokes are just inescapable. Dads love to humiliate and torment their children as humanely as possible. Of course to us, it’s torment. To them, however, it’s all entertainment. Some dads, nonetheless, just take their dad jokes too far. Though they are cringe-worthy, we do admit that they can be pretty hilarious from the outside looking in.They sent the whole family these glamour shots after.

When they asked for a photo of the view from his new apartment, this is what he sent.

Oh! This is what it looks like when unicorns have diarrhea.

It’s not a secret anymore!

A few minutes later, she received a picture text saying “They’re on the case!”

From Cordoba, Span to the exact opposite side of the world in Hamilton, New Zealand.

But it’s pretty impressive how he got up there.

Anyone else curious about the joke now?


I wonder if the bottom secret is less juicy than the top secret.

Although it appears he got the wrong type of frozen gifts.

This is what she woke up to the very next morning.

His pumpkin for Halloween couldn’t be anymore predictable.

Until she finally looked down at his plate.

This is the type of family you want to marry into.

This is the custom phone case the dad ordered for it.

Now that is what you call a practical joker dad!

She’s a chick alright, not sure about hot.

And this is the result. Body expectations these days, really.

This is how he dressed to see his patients that morning.

And then he sends you this photo.

This is proof that it’s a father’s duty to embarrass a child as much as possible!

The life jacket is definitely a nice touch though.

To be honest, this would scare the bejeebies out of me!

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