Dad Makes Kids Sign A Hilariously Detailed Contract BEFORE They Get A Dog.

Dad Makes Kids Sign A Hilariously Detailed Contract BEFORE They Get A Dog. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

When a family decides to get a new pet, it can change the entire dynamic of the home. Sure, the kids might want a dog because it’s cute and fuzzy, but then the parents end up taking care of it — picking up it’s poop, washing it, taking it for walks, and more. For the kids, the dog is a pet. For the parents, the dog is yet another responsibility. But this dad was not having it, not one bit, not at all. When his kids decided they wanted a dog, he said okay — but only if they met his very specific, very detailed list of demands. Once they agreed, he would agree to bring them a puppy. He even typed up the list to make it official, and parents everywhere (especially those picking up dog poop right now) will absolutely love it. Sure, get a dog, kids: But beware that this is what it’s going to cost you.

**Apparently, the list worked and the kids agreed to all of it. Here’s what dad had to say in the aftermath:** “Two weeks after contract was signed, we got a ~three year old white fluffy mutt from a shelter that weighs 15 lbs., was already house trained and doesn’t shed or drool. We named him Kershaw (veto power not exercised). It’s been two years, and the kids (now ages 12, 13 and 15) have been pretty good about doing everything. Kershaw eats dry dog food from Trader Joe’s, and so far hasn’t created any indoor messes that have required the use of harmful cleaning chemicals.”

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