Dad Meets His Daughter First Time After 9 Months, His Reaction Will Move You To Tears

Dad Meets His Daughter First Time After 9 Months, His Reaction Will Move You To Tears April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Lieutenant Dan Haws went through a very difficult situation back in 2009. He had to leave his pregnant wife behind to serve his country in Afghanistan. He missed the birth of his first child and was still at duty when his wife went through delivery. But after 9 months, he came back home to meet his daughter for the first time. Ryan Southwell captured the whole reunion, making it even more beautiful.In 2009, Dan Haws got the news that he had been deployed to Afghanistan as a Dental Officer.

He broke the news to his wife, who was expecting their first child.

It was an extremely tough decision for the lieutenant. He had to choose between his family and serving his country. But he went to fulfill his duty.

His wife had to give birth without her husband just after 5 weeks. Their contact was limited and the family felt alone without Dan.

Giving birth without the most important person in your life is not easy. And his wife had to see her daughter grow without sharing those moments with her husband.

After 9 months, Dan was coming back to see his 4 month old daughter for the first time.

Lieutenant Dan Haws was very close to his family. His loved ones described his as a caring and loving individual.

Even his father was moved to tears on the day his son came back.

Dan’s daughter got ready to meet her father for the first time.

His family and friends prepared a grand welcome for Dan, decorating the house and the street with banners and flags.

Soon Dan contacted with the family and informed them they were now loading the bus and he was on his way.

Everything was in order and his daughter was ready to meet her father with a tiny American flag in her hand.

Finally the family left to meet Dan after a long period of 9 months.

It was a big deal for the family and they couldn’t wait to see Dan after such a long time.

Finally the family was off to welcome Dan with love and affection.

Dan’s wife waited impatiently with her family and friends to meet her husband after such a long time.

Dan’s loved ones had prepared a touching welcome for him, making the event even more special.

The family waited for the bus to arrive with “Welcome Home Dan, we missed you” banners.

The bus finally arrived and Dan gets off. His family didn’t know how to react, they were too happy to say anything.

Finally when Dan sees his family, his wife carrying the daughter runs towards him and hugs him.

After a touching reunion with his wife, he holds his daughter for the first time, loving every moment of it.

Back at home, Dan’s friends and neighbors had prepared another welcome for him.

Dan finally enters his home, with a clear sense of happiness. He gets a warm welcome from his dog that missed him just like his family.

And after 9 months, Dan’s family was complete. They lay together, watching their beautiful daughter between them.

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