Dad Pulls Out Son’s Tooth With A Helicopter…

Dad Pulls Out Son’s Tooth With A Helicopter… April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Getting kids to let you pull their loose tooth out can be a real challenge. The fear that it’s going to hurt pulling it out or the child not being ready to let go of their baby tooth makes parents use creative ways to help them out. Rick Rahim is a helicopter dad, literally. The Virginia dad is a 13-year veteran flying helicopters with over 1,000 hours under his belt. Rahim chose to use his flying expertise to help extract his son Carson’s tooth out. The family tied one end of the string to the tooth and the other to the helicopter. The pilot warns that everything was planned out to ensure everyone’s safety. This cool dad hopes to make Carson’s childhood experiences better than his own. Based on this awesome stunt, we are pretty sure Carson is having a blast.

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