Dad Wears Short Shorts To Make A Point To His Teenage Daughter.

Dad Wears Short Shorts To Make A Point To His Teenage Daughter. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

Kids grow up so fast and some parents just aren’t ready for it, especially when they have daughters. Just ask Jason Hilley from Orlando, Florida. His teenage daughter wanted to wear a pair of new jean shorts but her dad didn’t approve. But did he yell at her? No. Did he send her to her room? No. He decided to teach her a lesson in parenting 101 and he did so by showing her just how tacky and inappropriately short her shorts really are. But the way he went about doing it is going to have you rolling on the floor.Maybe Florida resident Jason Hilley lost a bet with his daughter Kendall and had to put on those hideous jean shorts which most people would never approve of. But there was actually a reason behind why he was doing this.

By looking at this photo, you’d assume that this is just a regular family with a dad, a mom, a daughter, and a young son. But Jason noticed that his daughter was growing too fast and he didn’t like it at all.

In fact, he was very disturbed by a pair of jean shorts she had recently modeled. He would have preferred them being a little longer. So, to get her to see that those shorts barely covered her backside, he slid into a pair of short-shorts to prove his point.

Kendall was so embarrassed that she sat on the bed and covered her mouth while her little brother watched on and laughed his little head off. All this happened while Jason’s wife Alison recorded the whole thing on her phone.

He also asked her to put on her shorts. But when she asked which one, he tells her: “The new ones that we just got that were supposed to be a lot longer.” After she sees what her dad is wearing, he tells her “I’m picking you up at school in these every day unless you put them on.” So, she does.

**When Jason uploaded the video on Facebook, it went viral with over 38 million views and counting.** He wrote on the caption: “You wear yours out in public? I will wear mine! Parenting 101!” Clearly, Kendall will think twice before sporting barely-there shorts again. Otherwise, she’ll incur the wrath of this hilarious dad and his Daisy Dukes.

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