20 Awesome Dads Who Did Their Duty Amazingly.

20 Awesome Dads Who Did Their Duty Amazingly. September 14, 2020

Most men can father a child, but it takes a special guy to be a dad. And you’re about to see for yourself. These dads are the most adorable parents you’ve ever seen. The bond they have with their kids is heartwarming and epic. These guys already offer encouragement when their kids need it. They give the best hugs ever, and their guidance and wisdom are absolutely priceless. But the ones on this list will really make you want to give your own dad a call right away. They’re funny, they’re wholesome, and most importantly, they are full of love.It’s not always about the love that he shows us, but the love that he shows our moms, like he did.

Check your car’s back seat cupholder. You never know what good luck charm your dad left for you.

But this dad’s comfortable in his masculinity and isn’t afraid to show off how much he loves alpacas.

This dad came up with an idea that would ensure that his baby never felt different from anyone else.

As a modern dad, you have to know how to use social media, and you need a great sense of humor too.

There was no sense in crying over spilled slushee. So instead, this dad decided to help his son clean it up.

How many dads do you know who would become incontinent just so that their daughter won’t feel bad?

He’ll go out and feed the ducks, or in this case, seagulls, because he doesn’t like seeing anyone starve.

The look of pride on this father’s face is golden! He’s probably thinking, “it was all worth the effort.”

Most people wouldn’t be this excited about reading a college thesis, but this dad can’t wait to get home.

It’s no wonder that a little girl’s first love is her dad, especially when they have a dad as cool as this guy.

A little reading mishap led this dad into thinking that the hippie era was making one last comeback.

Once this pooch won this dad over, it became the center of his universe, and obviously his camera angle.

But her heart melted when she realized her dad’s new friend walked on four legs and wore a collar.

The only thing he cherishes more than his kids taking his advice, is learning they’ve shared it with the world.

Most of us would give anything to get advice from our dads, which would make us believe in ourselves.

One kid thought his dad would stop loving him for coming out. It turns out, he was in for a tasty surprise.

This school got 550 more volunteer fathers than they needed. Now they’ll need 550 volunteer kids.

Those boys are 24, but age is just a number, and while time marches on, these three are all kids at heart.

This dad doesn’t care what people think. He’s making the best cakes ever, and his daughter is so proud.