Watch The Father-Daughter Wedding Dance That Everyone’s Talking About.

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The father-daughter dance is an emotional moment.

Planning a wedding is like having a second full-time job, one that often spills into overtime. You do what you can to make every detail count but sometimes you just run out of time. With the clock ticking, you have to decide on what aspects you want to focus on the most. For some brides, it's the food. For others, it's the theme. For Holly Wolff of Olmsted Falls, Ohio, it was the father-daughter dance. A father and daughter will usually spend a few days selecting the perfect song. Some popular ones include Frank Sinatra's "The Way You Look Tonight" and Temptations' "My Girl." Adele's "Make You Feel My Love" is also high on the list. But Wolff and her father, Rick Harnsberger, decided on a whole series of songs to accompany a surprise routine. Continue reading for photos and details of their unforgettable performance, which included some of our favorite throwbacks from the '90s and beyond.It isn't just emotional for the bride and her father but also for the guests at the wedding. Daddy's little girl will be moving onto a new part of her life.
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Father-daughter dances are usually straightforward but this duo decided to put a spin on the old tradition.

Ohio bride Holly Wolff and her father Rick Harnsberger wanted to surprise wedding guests with one of the most epic father-daughter dances ever. They performed at her wedding reception on Oct. 1, 2016.
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It’s not every day you see a performance like this one.

There's nothing wrong with the standard slow dance — it's special as is — but it's always a treat when people put in an extra effort for their guests.
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Here's what happened. Holly and her father made their way to the dance floor.

Everything appeared normal as the duo began slow dancing to the Celine Dion classic “Because You Loved Me."
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But nobody could've guessed what was about to happen next.

Guests watched the adorable bride slow dance with her daddy dearest. Suddenly, the beat changed to The Jackson 5's “I Want You Back.” The pair broke then out of their waltz stance. Rick pulled some serious moves that prove he’s got more jive than the average dad. The audience fell in love with what they saw; they laughed and applauded throughout the performance.
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“It was actually my dad’s idea," Holly said.

"He’s danced with me before at my old dance studio and as you can see, he’s pretty good at it," she added.
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Don't be fooled by Ricks white's hair, he's still got "Moves Like Jagger."

But the highlight of the performance came when Rick channeled his inner Justin Timberlake with the *NSYNC hit song "Bye Bye Bye."
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Only Holly’s mother knew about the dance performance.

Everyone else was surprised and delighted, which was exactly what the father-daughter pair wanted. We loved their song choices!
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“We had an amazing day, we loved how much it reflected us as people," said Holly.

Their performance was not only entertaining, it was also very heartwarming. Most importantly, it was a great opportunity for Holly and Rick to bond.
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