She Thinks Her Husband And Daughter Are Cooking Breakfast… NOPE!

She Thinks Her Husband And Daughter Are Cooking Breakfast… NOPE! May 11, 2018

There’s no denying that dads have special relationships with their daughters — and if you’re a daddy’s girl, you know exactly what we mean. When this mom saw her daughter having a moment with dad in the kitchen, she did the only logical thing that you can do when you see something adorable: She grabbed her camera and started filming. What she caught on camera is a sweet moment between father and daughter that will definitely warm your heart.In the video, we see a father and his young daughter caught in an embrace, while he makes breakfast in the kitchen.

That smile on her face is basically undeniable.

This dad can definitely multitask: He’s making pancakes and showing his daughter his excellent dance moves.

Listening to their favorite song, these two are caught in an adorable moment.

These two clearly don’t mind that anyone else is in the room — they’re all about having a good time.

No one is embarrassed here, so why stop dancing just because you know you’re on film?

These two are really going for the gold.

For their final move, dad decides to dip his daughter all the way back (we’ve got to admit, it looks like fun).

That’s definitely a good way to end a dance routine.

It’s a simple, quiet moment, but it’s one of those things that this family will be happy to treasure on film forever. Aren’t dads and their daughters the best?