Mother Sent Son Photo Of His Dog Every Day While He Was Away At School.

Mother Sent Son Photo Of His Dog Every Day While He Was Away At School. June 30, 2020

There’s really nothing worse than being separated from the people you love for long periods of time. You begin to miss them so much that it becomes the only thing you can think about. This mother knew that her son, who was away at school, was missing his dog so she decided to do everything she could to make him feel a little better.His dad told him that if he walked a leash around the block twice a day for one year he would be able to have a dog.

“My son was quite tenacious and never missed a day. My husband learned never make a deal with someone unless you’re willing to follow through with the terms,” said the boy’s mother.

The son was leaving for school overseas for an entire year, but he was heartbroken that he had to leave his beloved pup.

She started sending pictures of the dog to her son every single day.

She sent him pictures of his dog building a nest out of all her toys.

It’s nice to be away a school, knowing that your dog is still waiting for you to get off of the bus.

First off, she began to think that she was a plant.

After a talk with her boy, the dog knew that she needed to get her life together for him.

So she did her best not to go to the bathroom in the house.

She wanted to be in tip top shape for his arrival.

And she even sent a picture to her boy to make sure that he knew she was being good.

Like when the boy’s mom caught her snoozing on the couch.

But she sure did pay the price the next day.

Even though she spent the entire day in the clean laundry.

Especially when she was scared of the earthquake

The boy told his dog that she needed to be a good pup or she would keep getting lectured.

The mom wanted to let the son knew how she was behaving, so she sent pictures of the belly rubs that she earned.

Even though she was upset that the human kept the house so cold, she was still being a good pup.

So she started to sneak up on people to try to catch them in the act.

She became sad again, so she started binge eating snacks.

So the pup decided to make a dating profile.

She eventually just booted him out of the house.

He was her favorite companion in the whole world, after all.

She began to feel like he was never coming home for her.

Only five more days and they would be together again.

Since she had nothing else to do, she just decided to wait outside until he showed up.

They were so excited to see each other again.

What a beautiful reunion, and what a great mom to make sure his pup was taken care of while he was gone!