Watch This Gorilla Dancing EXACTLY Like A Ballerina, It’s Flawless Hilarity!

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Lope is a primate who dances like no one is watching. Although, it is natural behaviour for young gorillas to play like this, Lope is doing more than just playing. The three-year-old seems to be performing in a perfectly sequence of twirls around his enclosure. Lope’s ballet moves were captured on video by Helen Fairhead while visiting the Twycross Zoo in Leicestershire, United Kingdom. The zoo’s great ape team leader, Simon Childs says Lope's steps are nothing new, “visitors to Twycross Zoo can see Lope playing like this often. When in a playful mood, adult gorillas can be seen engaging in this behavior too.” Based on the elegant ballerina moves in the video, we think Lope has a talent for dance. The video has gone viral with over two million views.
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