Dangerous World Records That Basically Cover All The Major Phobias.

Dangerous World Records That Basically Cover All The Major Phobias. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Humans love experiencing a major adrenaline rush, which is accompanied by any dangerous feat that leaves them with a sense of empowerment and achievement. Many of us are daredevils who derive pleasure from going after things that most people consider off limits or even deadly. So here’s a list of 7 top hazardous world records that defy every safety measure.Wing walking is an extreme sport that involves the performer pulling off stunts on the top of the wings of an airplane. It’s a self explanatory risky act. Thomas Lackey made his second world record for being the oldest wing walker in the world at the age of 93.

Ashrita Furman established the world record of catching 14 spears from a speargun underwater in one minute. He caught them consecutively and with just one hand. Each spear was 60 centimeters in length and shot from a distance of 2 meters. Though he hurt himself while practicing, he went ahead with the challenge.

The French high wire artist, Philippe Petit, gathered the courage to perform this rope stunt at 1300 feet above ground level between the former Twin Towers without local authorization. He knew nobody would give him the go ahead and said, “Whenever I see a beautiful place to put my wire I cannot resist.”

Olivier Favre set the record of the highest dive at 177 ft and 54 m. He attempted a double back somersault. The water below was calm but Favre hit it at a speed of 123 kilometers per hour. The impact was so huge that he broke his back.

John Evans had the uncanny ability of balancing heavy objects on his head. He even balanced a car weighing 350 lbs. on his head for 33 seconds in front of a live audience. He has performed several similar balancing stunts.

A 67-year-old Bulgarian man was taken to the hospital after having been hit by a truck. The doctors were astounded by the 0.914 level of alcohol in his blood. They checked his BAC multiple times with different instruments. People were sure that even though he had escaped the accident, he wouldn’t survive because of his high alcohol content. However, they were proven wrong as he survived!

Jackie Bibby, also known as the Texas snake man, is very passionate when it comes to reptiles. He has been bitten many times but he continues to embark on new adventures with them. Bibby once held 13 rattlesnakes in his mouth for 10 seconds and left his followers gasping!

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