Teenager Almost Beheaded After iPhone Headphones Sliced Through His Neck.

Teenager Almost Beheaded After iPhone Headphones Sliced Through His Neck. December 26, 2018

Your mom probably warned you not to listen to music while riding your motorcycle. But who actually listens to their parents when they’re teens? Well it turns out that this teen had bigger things to worry about than being distracted by the music blasting through his headphones. He almost literally lost his head while wearing them. Now you know you can cut headphone cords with a pair of scissors. You can even break them with your hands. But who could have imagined that something as harmless looking as a cord from some headphones could pose such a deadly threat? Well this is one lesson that this teen has learned and will never ever forget.As you can see from the horrible marks on his neck, the 16-year-old barely avoided being decapitated. Fortunately, his wounds will heals and so will the emotional trauma.

He had no idea that when he started riding, he was about to come face to face with death.

The barbed wire had slashed his stomach open, but that was the least of his problems.

As he wriggled on the ground in agony, he tried crying out for help, but couldn’t, and for a very good reason.

Then the barbed wire pulled the earphones violently across his throat, slicing it in the process.

Bradley’s dad pulled the earphones out of his son’s damaged throat. At first, the worried couple thought their son was going to die.

Fortunately, he was going to be okay. The rescue team had gotten to him in time, but he required stitches to seal the cut on his neck. And boy, was he a trooper! He stayed awake through the entire ordeal.

Ironically, most people don’t know that there is a fine copper wire inside the headphone cord which can cut deep into someone’s flesh.

So it’s highly unlikely that Bradley will be wearing his earphones under his motorcycle helmet the next time he goes on a joyride.