25 Stylish DIY Projects To Add Chic To Your Apartment.

25 Stylish DIY Projects To Add Chic To Your Apartment. May 6, 2019

Moving into a new home can be pricey. Not only are you paying for the new housing, you also have to pay for deposits, new furniture, moving expenses, and so forth. With all that spending you’re almost left with nothing to purchase interior with. Now if you already have plenty of furniture and home decor from your old place, you’re in the clear. As for the rest of us who don’t, however, we’re in a little of a pickle. But don’t worry, there are actually plenty of affordable DIY home projects to decorate the new living space. Whether you’ve just moved into a new place or are in need of some new decor on a budget — check out some of the DIY ideas below!A simple, unique way to hang plants would be using a plastic or wooden dowel. Just paint it with copper spray paint to fancy it up. It’ll look extra cute with air plants!

Use old industrial pipes to recreate this creative wall-mounted corner shelf. The project will require you to mount them on the wall in an original pattern that’ll provide just enough space to place books between them and the wall.

Transform one of those 1×1 cubbys from IKEA into a sleek side table. You can place this next to your bed or next to the couch! It’ll look great anywhere.

Turn an old suitcase into a cool stylish mini-bar table. This one’s for the peeps who tend to have a collection of alcohol.

Transform wire baskets into mini personal mail baskets! This one is great for a household full of roommates.

Repurpose antique glass photo slides by turning them into night-lights! Simply apply a thin layer of E6000 adhesive to the center of the slide’s back bottom edge. Afterwards, stick it to the flat side of a mounting bracket.

We don’t all have extra money to blow on things like high quality cool looking chairs. But don’t fret, you can turn those cheap chairs into cute guest seating! Nothing a little spray paint and some quirky patterned fabric can’t fix.

If your entry way looks like it’s missing something, try decorating it with this Anthropologie-like paper flower garland. This will go great in front of any big blank wall.

Create your very own lantern by filling an empty container of your choice with a cluster of string lights. It’ll instantly create a magical look that’ll make a unique glow in your household.

To make a simple hanging shelf, tie sisal rope onto a painted board. It’s simple looking yet still very hip.

If you have an old childhood dresser collecting dust, apply a fresh coat or paint to it to create a brand new looking dresser. If you don’t have one, you can also find an antique thrift find from the flea market or eBay.

Elevate a simple floating shelf by adding a illustration to it. Like in here, the floating shelf is transformed into an elegant antique-styled table.

Got a lot of creative supplies or tools you need to organize? Try creating these handy hanging storage bins out of old plastic containers!

String lights is always a good idea when it comes to home decor. If you’ve got a bunch of Polaroids that you’d like to hang in a creative way, try doing it on a string of fairy lights. Simply clip them to the lights!

For a DIY calendar, hot glue a couple of paint chips to the inside of a poster frame. Voila, you now have your own dry erase calendar! Choose color tones that’ll match whatever room you’re putting the calendar into.

To make corner floating shelves, simply nail pieces of 1×1 in the corner and then placing triangular pieces below them.

Create your very own bedside bench by upholstering a piece of wood with a pretty blanket and hairpin legs. You’ll love it and your pup will definitely love it too.

If you don’t have any outdoor space for a garden at your home, make your very own indoor one with a bunch of planters nailed to some recovered wood. Remember to add some mini mason jars and fairy lights for some added decor.

If you want to spice up a plain mirror, do it with a fabric that you love by using it to border the mirror.

Everyone needs a collection of magazines in their bathroom for those special occasions. To make a hip looking magazine holder, try gluing felt around wooden dowels.

If you’ve got a blank wall in the living room or bedroom that you want to decorate, try mounting up a cool shower curtain that you like. It’ll definitely make a statement.

Although marble may look expensive, it can actually be achieved for a much cheaper price. The trick: use self-adhesive marble paper!

Create your very own custom statement rug with a cheap remnant rug and acrylic paint. You can check Home Depot or Lowe’s for the remnant rugs.

Knot together some mini hangers to recreate these hanging planters for your kitchen window. The ombre pots are definitely a nice touch as well.

Use nail polish to give the faux marble treatment to a vase or any household object you wish. Simply float the nail polish in a bowl of water.