Defiant Marlin Sinks A Fishing Boat Before Swimming To Freedom.

Defiant Marlin Sinks A Fishing Boat Before Swimming To Freedom. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

You are not a true fisherman until you have caught a marlin according to many aficionados. Viewed as the “boss” fish, what makes the marlin such a coveted hook is that they make it almost impossible for the fishermen to reel them in. Often described as painstakingly long and boring hours of waiting to minutes of sheer terror when one is finally lured to the hook. One group of fishermen found out the hard way just how far the marlin is willing to go to stay in the ocean.This marine life can be found in tropical waters in the Indian and Pacific Oceans.

These massive animals can weigh as much as 2,000 pounds. They feed off of squid, tuna, octopods, and other smaller fish.

Fishermen admit to using the best and latest equipment available like GPS tracking systems, teasers for trolling, and different size reelers, among other things. It is not uncommon to find $20,000 worth of tournament-grade tackle equipment in the cockpit alone.

The aggressive fish was estimated to be around 500 to 600 pounds.

Another West Coast Fishing Club vessel was operating alongside when it captured these photos.

“Which certainly adds to the adrenaline rush,” he continued.

What occurred next was something out of the movies.

It appeared that the boat was taken down by the “boss” fish.

But they have proven to be authentic by Marlin magazine.

Instead, it pointed out to sea conditions. It said despite the photos showing calm waters, strong and large waves were felt throughout the day.

“As some think, the marlin did not take down the boat. This boat has been chartering in these same waters and conditions for over two years and has backed down on hundreds of marlin without issue or concern,” the statement read.

“While the boat was still in reverse, another wave came over the transom. At this time the captain slipped and [was] believed to still have his hand on the throttle, putting the boat in full reverse [and] burying the transom into the next waves and swells,” the manufacturer explained. “You can see how this might happen; as you know, when fighting a fish the captain is facing aft with his hand on the throttles and when slipped the last thing your hand is holding onto is the throttle controls.”

It said no one was at fault, not even the marlin that got away.

“Each year, we put in thousands of hours on the water, and we’ve never had anything even remotely close to this happen before,” Grange said.

He also booked his next fishing trip with the company.

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