This 17 Year-Old Mom CHOSE To Die, The Reason Why Had Me In Floods Of Tears.

This 17 Year-Old Mom CHOSE To Die, The Reason Why Had Me In Floods Of Tears. June 9, 2018

This is one of those tragic stories that doesn’t actually seem to be possible, it’s so rife with sad details. But at the center of all this tragedy is something that will give you hope that rises above the pain of it all: A mother’s love. The story begins with a teenager named Jenny, a kid with the whole world and her whole life ahead of her. Just when she was reaching her teenage prime and about to graduate high school, Jenny was hit with some devastating news. A terminal illness would almost certainly take her life without treatment — but what happened next would prevent that treatment from happening. Jenny’s story is a reminder of how precious life is, and how a mother’s love is often strong enough to push back against any kind of tragedy that would otherwise seem insurmountable. Learn about Jenny, her family, and the difficult decision she faced below.When this photo was taken, Jenny had no idea that she would be faced with the challenges ahead — or the incredibly tragic decision she would be forced to make.

After all, nobody should have to go through something like this — especially someone who hasn’t yet reached the prime of their life.

At this point, Jenny had idea what was in store for her and her family.

The headaches began to get so painful she had no choice but to go to a doctor.

It was basically the worst diagnosis she could have received, but there was a single option for treatment.

Luckily, Jenny had a huge support system around her for her treatment. It was difficult, but she remained strong throughout the process.

After Jenny started to undergo the chemotherapy, she found out something that had an even greater impact than her cancer diagnosis: She was pregnant.

The harsh chemicals can cause birth defects and even death of the unborn child, meaning that Jenny had to decide whether she wanted to protect herself or her baby.

Despite her young age, Jenny made the decision to sacrifice herself for the baby.

She reportedly whispered to the midwife after giving birth, “I did it, I fulfilled my duty.” Because she had neglected treatment, Jenny was as frail as could be.

So much so, she made the ultimate sacrifice. After giving birth, she returned home to spend the last moments of her life taking care of her baby Chad.

After all, only Jenny could make this decision: It was her life that was at stake.

Jenny passed away in her home from her illness.

What she did gave him a chance at life, making her story the truest, purest definition of motherly love.

Being a mom is all about sacrifice, but this young woman was brave enough to make the biggest sacrifice of all.