Demi Lovato’s Little Sister Is All Grown Up Now

Demi Lovato’s Little Sister Is All Grown Up Now April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Do you remember Madison De La Garza? Odds are you don’t or you might not remember her from her time on Desperate Housewives. For years Eva Longoria’s character, Gaby tried to avoid having children, because she was too busy having an affair on TV with Jesse Metcalfe. When her character reconciled with her hubby, she was told that having a baby would be difficult if not impossible after a horrible miscarriage. Halfway through the series, there was a huge time jump and we learned that Gaby did have two little girls, and one of them was played by Madison. But you probably didn’t know she had a very famous sister did you?The 14-year-old who was born in Dallas, Texas is the little sister of none other than her famous singing sensation of a sister, Demi Lovato.

Madison used to be a chunky and adorable little girl.

On the show, she played Juanita, the daughter of Gaby and Carlos Solis.

And like most kids her age, she had a couple of teeth missing, but her smile was a work in progress.

But clearly there was an abundance of love from her famous sis.

Demi would always show her little sister off whenever she took Madison to go see one of her concerts.

She began to focus on looking taller, prettier and smarter in school. In the meantime her acting career took a back seat.

As busy as Demi Lovato was she always found the time to go bike riding with Madison.

Otherwise she might have missed out on a lot of childhood fun like going to Disney World.

Or she probably wouldn’t have been able to hang with her friends in public so freely.

She may even become as huge as her sister is in the limelight someday.

She could almost pass off as Demi’s twin given that they both look absolutely gorgeous.

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