Did President Trump’s Secret Service Agent Wear ‘Fake Hands’ To Inauguration?

Did President Trump’s Secret Service Agent Wear ‘Fake Hands’ To Inauguration? April 1, 2023Leave a comment

The world of government and politics are filled with conspiracy theories. The United States has known quite a few from who really killed President John F. Kennedy to the government acting like Big Brother, watching everything citizens do without them knowing. During the inauguration, conspiracy theorist weighed in what Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton wore, the colour of President Trump’s tie, and what the letter former President Barack Obama wrote to his successor. But the latest speculation making the rounds has nothing to do with a political figure.Every step, move is heavily guarded.

As tradition holds, the President, First Lady, Vice-President and their respective families, lead the inauguration parade. They walk through Pennsylvania Avenue to the White House.

They are the men in black suits with serious, steel gazes. Most viewers do not pay much attention to the brave men and women working hard to ensure the First Family is safe from danger. Except for this guy.

His plastic looking hand many believe was actually a concealed weapon.

Secret service agents go through extensive training to get to where they are.

They’re initial training takes place in Georgia. For the 17-week more specialized program, they are taken to Washington D.C.

After President John F. Kennedy’s assassination, agents were allowed to carry weapons.

Prompting many to say this was just a crazy theory.

If anything, it makes others more doubtful.

But is that how most people would close the door or is it protocol?

One does not look human.

Meaning, during the parade he had the weapon ready to be used at any moment.

Many pointed out how his right hand was holding to the pinky finger on the left.

Although the skin tone looks like a perfect match to his other hand.

It’s original goal was to combat and suppress counterfeit currency.

A patrolman was in charge of Lincoln on that fateful night, but the man moved from his post to get a better view of the play.

Whether it’s a fake hand or not, it’s fair to say this agency knows what it’s doing.

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