Did You Catch These Obvious Mistakes In Famous Hollywood Movies?

Did You Catch These Obvious Mistakes In Famous Hollywood Movies? April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Anyone that watches movies usually watches because they have an interest in what it’s about. Some of those people have a good knowledge about the time frame that the movies are set in. Some, however don’t, but that doesn’t mean they can’t spot an obvious mistake. In terms of Hollywood budgets and what they spend on these movies, mistakes are inexcusable. Over the years there have been plenty of them. Every once in a while you’ll hear someone say something that is supposed to be true in a movie but really isn’t. A good example of this would be “Eight Men Out.” During the trial of the ballplayers, Buck Weaver stands up and shouts out his batting average during the World Series. In that classic scene, he actually says the wrong batting average, a fact that is way too easy to verify. It’s not always lines and facts though. A lot of times there are costume mistakes. Today we will look at several of those that have happened over the years. Mistakes like how can someone be wearing a digital watch in a movie that was set decades before they were invented? Or the fact that Kevin Costner uses a telescope 300 years before they were made. A lot of these are pretty funny when you think about it. How can mistakes like what you are about to see, happen and make the final edit of the film?Black jump boots weren’t worn until the 1950’s. During the time the movie was set they wore brown jump boots.

The movie is set in 1992. Nike, however, didn’t make golf shoes until 1996.

The movie is set in 1972. Mood Rings were not made until 1975. Clearly producers missed this fact.

This person in a Civil War movie is wearing a digital watch. Regular watches weren’t even created until 1923. Someone obviously missed this glaring mistake.

The movie was set back in the 1970’s. The Rolex watch wasn’t made until 2005, so why is Stoddard Thorsen wearing a 2005 Rolex?

Did locals in Egypt wear t-shirts and jeans back in the 1930’s? No they didn’t. So how do you explain it here? Someone overlooked a pretty big mistake.

The design that William Wallace is wearing was created during the 16th century. So how could they wear it before then?

Actor Russell Crowe is seen wearing Lycra shorts. They were made in 1958, more than 1,500 years after the movie was set to take place. Oops!

During World War II Bluetooth wasn’t even a dream yet. So why is Kenneth Choi wearing one in the flick?

Back in those days women would actually draw on fake stockings if they didn’t have any. So walking around with naked legs was never done.

The pink parasol in Troy is certainly eye catching. However, it really didn’t start to catch any eyes until it was created many many years later.

The actual year this scene was supposed to depict when it was filmed is hard to pin down. Since Morrison died in 1971 though we can assume that it was set before then. Ray-Bans didn’t come out until the 80’s.

The armor worn in this movie was more than 250 years old. A halfway educated person would realize that upgrades and improvements were made over the course of 250 years. These were not worn anymore during the time frame the movie is set.

The movie was set between 1714 and 1727. This design of redcoat uniform wasn’t worn until 1947 though, making it a very big mistake.

The dark shaded sunglasses look cool. Unfortunately they weren’t invented until many years after this movie was set.

During the time the movie was supposed to be set in, the neck ruffs were never worn without a top under them. That’s a lack of research there.

Cowboy hats, t-shirts and sunglasses. None of them were around during the time this flick was set. Someone on the editing team missed this one.

When this movie was set, back in 1350 BC, this blue color would have been impossible to create. The only colors that could be made with dyes back then were natural colors.

Wearing purple in those time was punishable by death. So there is no way anyone would have worn it. Another huge oversight.

The Star of David began being recorded in the 12th century. So how could it be an important thing during the time frame that Ben-Hur was set in?

Gene Hackman’s pants have belt loops on them. Funny thing though, they weren’t invented until the 1920’s, long after this movie was set.

Everything in terms of attire is off in this one. They wore contemporary shoes which was obviously not the case, and the armor they wear in the movie is much heavier than they actually wore.

This mistake resulted in outrage throughout all of Scotland. The kilt worn in the movie wasn’t created until more than one hundred years after the time frame that the movie is set.

The movie is set in 1964. However, it’s well documented that Motorhead was formed in 1975. So the t-shirt is a pretty big error.

How is it possible to use a telescope that wasn’t invented until more than 300 years later? Costner really messed that one up.

Waffle-soled boots were created by Nike in the 1970’s. This flick is not set in the 70’s, is it? It certainly doesn’t look like it.

Marty McFly plays a 1958 Gibson guitar in the year 1955. Now he could do a lot of stuff with his time machine but this wouldn’t have been possible unless they addressed it. They didn’t.

Did they wear khakis in POW camps? I’m pretty sure they didn’t. Steve McQueen wanted to wear them and directors let him. Huge mistake.

This is a great movie but they missed something. Jockey’s didn’t wear chin strapped helmets until 1956. Since the movie was set prior to that, these helmets would have been impossible.

Zippers first appeared regularly on clothes in 1925. So how is it these people are wearing them more than 100 years before?

The French hood actually covered the head. Any exposed part of hair in the back was covered by a veil. The design worn in the movie isn’t even real and never was.

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