Did You Know That Even Trees Can Be Shy?

Did You Know That Even Trees Can Be Shy? March 31, 2023Leave a comment

Did you know that some trees can be every bit as antisocial as we are sometimes? It turns out that they mind growing next to each other, but when it comes to actually meeting one another at the top, it just never hopes. It’s as if some genius landscaper grabbed a chainsaw and simply created an outline that separated the trees, but it’s actually a natural phenomenon called crown shyness, and some tree species seem to try their best to avoid touching each other. But while the phenomenon might seem natural to them, it’s simply beautiful to look at from a lowly human perspective.A phenomenon called crown shyness proves that, but you might have missed it. So next time you’re in the wilderness, look up. You might notice some trees never touch.

In the process of avoiding each other, the trees have created a designed border, which are even more obvious when you look at the trees from above.

But to this day, they haven’t exactly figured out what causes it to happen. However, some members of the scientific community think it might be caused by two trees rubbing up against each other.

After all, if the branches intertwine, the chances of getting sunlight to come through will be limited. But this way, there won’t be any shading so that the trees can better sun exposure.

In order to prevent the spread of harmful insects that could damage both animal and vegetation, scientists believe that this spacing between the trees allows the sun to act as a form of pest control.

In some cases, trees that tend to grow too close and intertwine their branches may wind up suffering from stunted growth because a strong gust of wind essentially knocks one tree into the other, causing damage to both trees.

But for the layman, this is just another one of Mother Nature’s beautiful and intricate plans to ensure the survival of the planet and it looks totally cool!

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