Did You Know The Shape Of Your Eyebrows Is An Indication Of Your Personality?

Did You Know The Shape Of Your Eyebrows Is An Indication Of Your Personality? April 1, 2023Leave a comment

How do people analyze your character by first impression of looking at your face? Your lipstick color? How bright your eyes are? How thick your powder is? It’s probably from your eyebrows. Eyebrows show our emotion, reaction, even our deepest personality. Now, take a mirror and look at your eyebrows. Do you really behave as how your eyebrows look like?You try hard to do everything by yourself.

You will try until the end to your youth.

Grounded but light. You know how to have fun yet productive.

Straight forward and serious are your words that descibe you best, right?

Maybe you look sweet but you are actually a fierce one.

Gentle, caring, but you worry a lot.

As you are intimidating, people find difficulties in approaching you, but you are the type who will do everything for your beloved.

You have charm, do you realize?

You are sensitive and lovely. Most people like you.

Bold is different with thick—look carefully. Bold means you are a forward thinker and confident.

It looks very unnatural and obvious that you’re over-plucking. People with this type of eyebrows are usually narcissistic.

It’s not as sharp as triangle, and hello, queen! You have the bossy and leader look.

An intellect and logic person who use fact more than feeling.

You have a high expectation of world

You use emotion but always think a lot.

Congratulation, your life expectancy is longer than others.

For men, he is the controller of relationship. For women, she is following her man.

Women with right eyebrow higher indicate her control intention in relationship.

Planner, you can be a great starter of something

You may not be the starter of things but you almost always are willing to finish the work.

You are passionate and assertive.

Process data fast, calculative, but you don’t deal with stress well

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