22 Funny Diet Fails We Can All Relate To.

22 Funny Diet Fails We Can All Relate To. September 17, 2018

Being healthy and eating healthy is hard to accomplish. If it was easy, everyone would have their ideal bodies. Unfortunately, not all healthy food is as delicious as unhealthy food. But that’s okay, it’s all about self control. You don’t have to completely ban bad food permanently out of your life to become healthy. You can allow yourself a cheat day here and there. These people below, however, have fallen way too far into the deep end. Here’s some photos of situations that will guarantee failure on your diet. Learn from these people and avoid these types of situations at all costs!Time for the real diet to start.

Because it doesn’t seem to have an effect here.

Don’t believe words that you want to hear!

Pro tip: don’t ever walk by the treats aisle.

Doughnut burgers, the ultimate savory and sweet combo.

Not a great location choice.

Its all about self-control.

This might be pushing it.

You’ve entered the dark side after this one.

Yeah, this looks pretty legit.

You’re torturing your gym members!

Life is so cruel.

It’s that easy to lose it all.

And ends so horribly.

I hope this is to feed a huge party.

Other wise, what’s the point?

Is it really worth it?

Will you even be able to finish them before they go stale?

Eggs are good right?

And realize there is no benefit in arguing with nature.

But don’t worry, there’s a diet coke.

Because the good avocado fats will cancel out all the other oily bad fats. Wink, wink.