6 Dogs Who Look Exactly Like Their Owners.

6 Dogs Who Look Exactly Like Their Owners. February 13, 2019

Unless you own a dog, it’s hard to understand the bond between human and canine. Some say it’s the companionship, loyalty, and unconditional love. Others may argue it’s an unexplained connection that is unique to their dog only. The reality is that these animals become a member of the family that just happens to walk on four legs and are extremely hairy.Apart from their extraordinary bond, it is often said that dog owners tend to look like their beloved pooches. This is a subject that has left scientists bemused for years.

According to the Japanese psychologist Sadahiko Nakajima, the similarity lies in the eyes. He conducted an experiment in which the strangers could easily pair the dogs with their owners.

According to experts on ITV’s The Secret Life of Dogs, people naturally gravitate towards the pooches that resemble the people they know. Hence, the dog owners can ultimately begin to resemble with their faithful companions because of their shared lifestyles.

The show features a sequence of owners that share characteristics with their dear canines to back up the theory. The featured owners included a woman named Toni who owns a canine from a distinctive Hungarian Puli dog breed known for its unique dreadlock style coat.

Rhod owns a shaggy Labradoodle that not only matches the color of his coat but also his own mane. They both even wore matching blue handkerchiefs.

Blonde Laura always spends double when buying hair accessories; she purchases one for herself and the other for her Saluki breed dog. On the show, they flaunted wearing matching polka dot hair accessories.

Approximately, 80 per cent of the viewers were able to identify the correct owner to the dog. A recent study revealed that the relationship between a dog and its owner can last longer than many marriages.