Diner With Cerebral Palsy Struggled To Eat, But A Kind Waiter Helped Him Out.

Diner With Cerebral Palsy Struggled To Eat, But A Kind Waiter Helped Him Out. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

We often hear people criticizing the world of being cruel and unforgiving, but we shouldn’t forget that it can also be beautiful too. Now and then, we come across a stranger who makes a huge difference in someone’s life. The deeds of these good samaritans restore our faith in humanity and inspire compassion and sympathy within us. Recently, the small act of kindness of a college student named Five had a remarkable impact on a person with cerebral palsy.Lee’s mother, Linda Bondurant-Snow, was trying to feed herself and her son during a Memorial Day weekend meal at 42nd St. Oyster Bar in Raleigh. After learning that Lee had cerebral palsy, Five, a college student and waiter, took a break from his job to feed Lee.

When Lee replied that he had not, Five proposed to bring him his first. The shocked mother thanked Five for not embarrassing Lee and handling everything with such poise. She was deeply touched because of the respect the young man showed while doing so.

Linda posted this story on Lee’s Facebook page, which has received more than 1,300 shares. She appreciated Five’s service and even asked others to ask for him while dining there. She further mentioned, “He insisted on helping showing Lee total respect. Lets me know there are still decent and compassionate people left in our country. Pay it forward for FIVE!”

He commented, “In regards to the story, Five has been overwhelmed with the attention, as he was just doing what he thought was the right thing to do. We are beyond fortunate to have so many loyal and caring staff members. It makes it so easy to come to work every day, as you can imagine.”

According to her, “They are ‘normal’ on the inside.” Referring to her son, she continued, “(They) have the same feelings we all do.” Five’s act left Lee and Linda both in happy tears. Five and Lee have become good friends. Lee and Linda often visit the Oyster Bar to meet their dear pal.

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