25 People Who Followed The Instructions A Little Too Closely.

25 People Who Followed The Instructions A Little Too Closely. August 13, 2018

When you ask someone to do something for you, you always have to be careful. Some people might take your directions to a literal sense. Normally someone following directions to the T is a good thing, but just not quite in these situations. Most of the time, the people who do this are usually just wise guys who we clearly fed up with whatever it is they’re doing. Other times, it may be someone who actually is that incompetent. But it’s highly doubtful for most of these situations, take a look yourself.Didn’t know you had to be clear on what side of the bun the condiment goes on.

Done and done. Wow, that was much easier than I thought.

Had a few troubles but don’t worry I worked around it.

Well played Domino’s employee, well played.

You shall receive whatever your heart desires.

The boss gets what the boss wants.

You said make a handicap stall. You said nothing about making it accessible.

Might as well requested “just f*@k me up fam.” Would have gotten you the same results.

Take about special delivery, I hope this lady got a good tip.

Never thought about it, but yeah car air fresheners should do the trick.

Okay boss, you got it! Ask and you shall receive.

Done deal. This looks like a fantastic job well done to me.

Looks refilled to me.

They said on the shelf, they didn’t say anything about removing a cat from its post.

I guess that means word for word.

Yeah a description of the person would work.

Was this a hook up or mistake?

Looks like ice cream melted all over the box.

Didn’t know this is what ice cream sandwiches looked like nowadays.

Say no more boss, I got you.

Be careful what you ask for. You gotta be more specific with these people.

You asked for lemon water, this is the only way I know how to make it.

You asked for tampons, so I got you tampons.

Yeah let’s just the the very last and most irrelevant sentence from the entire email.

You said ‘put them back in place’, not back in order.