Got Any Old Disney VHS Tapes? They Could Be Worth A Fortune!

Got Any Old Disney VHS Tapes? They Could Be Worth A Fortune! June 10, 2018

When DVD’s and blu-rays hit the market in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s respectively, people could not wait to get rid of their VHS machines and large bulky cassettes fast enough. The clear, sharp picture quality on discs made the Video Home System a thing of the past. Folks quickly replaced all of their favourite films in the latest format, putting away their old tapes into storage, giving them away or just tossing them into the trash. If you don’t have these old tapes, you will be kicking yourself when you get through this article. Today, movie enthusiasts are collecting these vintage VHS tapes and paying top dollar to get their hands on a couple of classics. And Disney films seem to be at the top of the coveted tape list. Movies like *The Little Mermaid* have an asking price of almost $1,000 while *Alice in Wonderland* is worth a mere $200 on eBay. You may want to dust off those old movies if you still have them and see how much you can sell them for. Just consider going easy on the listing price as we can’t imagine someone actually paying thousands of dollars for a VHS tape, even if it is a classic.