Disturbing Pictures That Will Make Your Eyes Fall Out.

Disturbing Pictures That Will Make Your Eyes Fall Out. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

You don’t need to turn to a horror movies to be terrified of something or someone. Things in everyday life are creepy and alarming enough to give you nightmares. Whether it’s the odd and unexplained things found in nature or the appearance of people, be it intentionally or accidentally. The fact is that there are a lot of stuff that will make your skin crawl. We have found 23 disturbing photos not meant for the faint of heart. You may even lose your appetite after seeing the photos. #5 makes me lose my cool every time. Please be warned some the photos are very disturbing.I need to go moisturize my feet immediately!

How is that even possible?

Having elastic skin is never cool.

That cannot be comfortable.

If you are totally freaking out about this, it’s ok. What you have is called Trypophobia; a fear of holes.

Sneaking around and terrifying innocent people.

When Photoshop is a bad, bad idea.

Not the most cuddly looking kitty.

But whatever it is, we hop to never see it again.

Before you know it, they will all be beautiful butterflies.

Ever heard of keep your feet off the table?

This when you consider going vegetarian ASAP.

Let’s hope it’s not painful.

If you keep looking at the photo, the iris seems to grow.

Kristina Rei is a Russian woman obsessed with the cartoon character Jessica Rabbit. She’s had 100 lip injections to look like the famous redhead.

How does this person wear shoes?

How did a grown adult think this was a good idea?

The hardest job in the animal kingdom.

When bee and human bond.

Not sure if the fish has any hard feelings.

Will pass the popcorn next time.

Artist Eliza Bennett sews her hand with thread with the piece “A Woman’s Work is Never Done” to represent hard work.

The drug is a mix of codeine tablets and solvents like gasoline, paint thinner or hydrochloric acid. One of the side effects is the skin rotting and falling off.

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