25 DIY Doormats That Are Almost Too Cute To Wipe.

25 DIY Doormats That Are Almost Too Cute To Wipe. May 21, 2018

Although not every house may have one, doormats are very special as they can determine whether or not your front door is inviting. A lot of people like to place a doormat in the front of their home as a way of greeting their guests before they personally can. Of course, some people only put a doormat there so people can wipe off the dirty bottoms of their shoes but who cares about them. Doormats should be fun and set off the tone of a great visit from your family and friends. And what better way to do that than by creating your own doormats. Personalize how you want your entryway to look! Check out some of the most creative doormat DIY ideas below.Color each slat an individual color to make it stand out.

You can use any craft paint.

Use spray paint to paint the base and sprinkles afterwards.

Cut any door mat into the shape of a cloud and paint the mat black afterwards followed by whatever pattern you like.

It’ll look great for either inside or outside the house.

Trace the letter you want onto the doormat and paint the letter afterwards.

This will look great in the bathroom or outside.

Remove the tape and voila!