29 Amazing Eggs That Weren’t Pooped Out By The Easter Bunny.

29 Amazing Eggs That Weren’t Pooped Out By The Easter Bunny. March 24, 2018

Easter is around the corner and you know what that means… It’s time to decorate eggs! Whether you’re a kid or an adult, decorating eggs can always be fun — it’s another medium to be artsy on. You can transform your eggs into Super Mario brothers characters or you can create abstract patterns/designs. The possibilities are endless. Check out the Easter egg DIY designs to help you get started.Place them in mini planter pots with rocks for the complete look.

Or you can print out the words (in the font you want) onto temporary tattoo paper and use that to apply the words to the eggs.

Use a sharpie to draw the face and cone details.

This is too awesome.

Tape tissue paper to regular printing paper and print your family photos onto that paper (it should go through the printer smoothly). Then cut out the photos and attach to the egg using modge podge.

For each color level, add 1 more drop of food coloring or dye.

Just glue moveable eyes onto the egg along with a black string to create the glasses. Draw in the mouth using a sharpie.

Attach using modge podge!

Simply attach them to the egg using twine.

Fill them with all the mini flowers you want.

Use a sharpie to draw a face.

It’s a fortune egg!

To create the natural marbled look, cover the egg in glue and then attach random pieces of the gold leaf onto the egg using a foam brush.

The Pastel Nonpareils can be found at Target or you can use sprinkles in substitution.

Wrap the egg in the silk tie, and then wrap it again in a light colored light weight piece of fabric. After that, place them into a pot of water mixed with vinegar and bring them to a boil. Leave for 20 minutes before removing.