10 Easy DIY Gift Ideas Your Friends Will Actually Like… Especially #6.

10 Easy DIY Gift Ideas Your Friends Will Actually Like… Especially #6. June 6, 2017

With summer fast approaching, you may find yourself invited to events like weddings or BBQ’s. If you want to get creative with your gift for the host, outside of a traditional bottle of wine, here are some neat ideas of DIY crafts that will definitely set you apart from other guests.Glue pictures with rounded corners to white or colored tiles using Mod Podge. Brush a thin layer of the same glue over top of the picture as well. Add felt to the bottom of the tile using hot glue. Give the photo coasters a quick coat of clear spray sealant, which will completely moisture-proof the finished project.

Moss, stones, sand, succulents, and plants are layered in mason jars to create a mini oasis.

Knead and roll out air-dry clay to a 5mm thickness. Apply stamps to the surface of the clay. Use a plastic or glass bowl to shape your clay bowl. Let dry, remove from shaping bowl and sand smooth edges.

Fill a bowl in lukewarm water, add two different tones of nail polish. Mix it up. Gently submerge a white or beige mug in the water, let it absorb for a couple of seconds. Dry the cup for a minimum of three hours.

Purchase a plain deep frame. Apply vinyl to the glass which has been etched with letters with your message. Put the frame back together and fill with your favourite treat like M&M’s.

Take a scan of a favorite recipe, inspirational message or a sweet handwritten note and place on a wooden cutting board. Use a wood burning instrument and carefully trace. You may have to turn to a pro to get the image just right.

Melt gel wax, add a dye and scent of choice. Meanwhile, carefully insert wick in a small, clear glass bowl. Pour candle sand at the bottom of the container, strew in rocks, seashells and flowers; pour in gel wax and let dry.

Combine melted soap base, sugar, jojoba oil and food coloring. Pour the sugar scrub mixture over the layer of sugar in the baking dish. Let it dry and harden for about 5 minutes. Cut into cubes and voila!

Draw a heart on a piece of paper. Line up your corks along your drawing. Hot glue each cork to the next. Let dry for a little while and you’re done.

Write 101 little notes to your loved one and roll up carefully, tying with small ribbons. place into a clear jar or container of your choice like a tequila bottle. You can sip the beverage while you work on this project, double bonus!